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Dak! We have a problem! Everyone is sick.

"Sick Day" is the seventh episode of the first season of Dragons: Rescue Riders. It was released on September 27, 2019.


When the other dragons come down with the flu, Summer must overcome her fear of eels to retrieve the cure and get her friends back in the air.

Major Events

  • It is revealed that unlike other dragons, Fastfins are not afraid of eels.
  • This episode marks the first appearance of the Dreaded Dragon Flu.
  • Summer overcomes her fear to save her friends.


Summer with the rock on top of the water coming out of her mouth.jpg

The Rescue Riders play the game Volley Rock with each other, passing a rock back and forth between teams. Eventually Burple sneezes, sending the rock into the ocean. Winger goes to retrieve it, but is stymied by the presence of eels. This presents a problem, as most dragon species have eel phobia. Fastfins do not have this phobia, but Summer declines to retrieve the rock, instead suggesting they return to The Roost.

Standing a little too close.jpg

On the way back, Burple becomes woozy in the air and needs help getting home. Back at the Roost, Burple has even more symptoms, including a fever, and after Cutter says that the symptoms can't get any worse, Burple starts sneezing and erratically shooting off rocks, prompting everyone else to head for cover. Leyla looks at her Dragon Diary and suggests he may have the Dreaded Dragon Flu, though Cutter shoots the idea down. No one else is sick, so they wait and see if he feels better in the morning after a night's sleep.

Leyla grabbing the bucket of water Sick Day.jpg

The next morning, Cutter, Winger, and Aggro are now sick, but Summer is not. While getting the dragons out of the sleep cave, Burple does a back burp that sends Aggro into the barrel. Leyla asks Burple about what he just did, and Burple explains that he calls what he just did a back burp. Aggro in response accidentally fires a fireball at Burple. After getting the dragons out of the Roost to prevent them from destroying it, Leyla and Summer leave to consult Marena for information about the Dragon Flu, leaving Dak in charge of caring for the sick dragons.

Do you think you could maybe, Sick Day.jpg

Summer and Leyla visit Marena at her house in the woods. She has heard of the Dreaded Dragon Flu. In particular she knew of a Titan Wing Submaripper that had the disease and flooded an entire town with his watery sneeze. She also had heard of a cure - the seaweed Help Kelp. Additionally, she warns that eels also like to eat Help Kelp, and if the Dragon Flu goes untreated, the affected dragon may lose the ability to fly.

Armed with this information, Summer and Leyla turn to leave to find Help Kelp. Leyla picks up on Summer's anxiety and asks what is wrong. Summer confides that despite being a Fastfin, she is actually afraid of eels due to a childhood trauma. Leyla comforts her and they fly off.

At least your aim is still good.jpg

At the Roost, Dak struggles to treat the dragons, with Winger knocking the bucket of water out of Dak's hand as Dak is reading the directions Leyla gave him, followed by Cutter sending spikes through the blanket Dak is holding. Dak is then sent flying into the sleep cave by one of Burple's back burps, with Dak, after the fact, confirming he is okay, and that he needs to get more supplies anyway.

Multiple eels around Summer.jpg

Summer and Leyla eventually return to the area where they had seen eels while playing Volley rock the day before. Summer enters the water and finds a patch of Help Kelp, only to be menaced by at least six large eels. She rushes out of the water, scared. Leyla comforts her again and indicates they will get through it together.

At the Roost, Dak admits defeat and claims he cannot do what his sister does. Winger reminds him that he won't achieve anything trying to do things like Leyla, but instead do it 'Dak-style'. With his confidence restored, Dak tackles the sick dragon care with renewed vigor and manages to cool down feverish Aggro, feed Burple, and get a blanket on Cutter.

All the eels going after Leyla.jpg

At the Volley Rock place, Leyla and Summer both enter the water this time, and while Summer distracts the eels, Leyla swims to the bottom and collects the Help Kelp. However, an eel spots Leyla and the other eels come and surround her. Seeing that Leyla is in trouble, Summer comes and fights the eels, allowing Leyla to start swimming for the surface. However, an eel grabs the bag with Help Kelp and swims away and Leyla knowing there is nothing she can do about it, swims back to the surface.

Leyla and Summer hugging.jpg

After getting back on the rocks, Leyla calls out for Summer, and just as she is about to jump back in, Summer came out of the water holding the eel, who has the bag with the Help Kelp, shakes the eel enough causing it to let go of the bag, with it landing near the rocks, and flings the eel into the sea. Leyla retrieves her bag, and finds that the Help Kelp is still in it, and then shares a hug with Summer.

Summer sneezes for the first time.jpg

Summer and Leyla return to the Roost with the cure and give each ailing dragon a frond of Help Kelp. Leyla compliments Dak on his care of the dragons, and Summer admits to the others that she is afraid of eels. Just as the others begin to feel better, Summer starts to sneeze and comes down with the Dragon Flu.


  • A Titan Wing Submaripper is mentioned in this episode to have destroyed an entire village in a sneezing fit after it caught the Dragon Flu.




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