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The Shivertooth is a large Sharp Class dragon that first appeared in Dragons: Rise of Berk.

Official Description

This mischievous Sharp Class prankster is a real cut-up that leaves its opponents in stitches!
Nothing can keep a Shivertooth from cutting through the heart of battle with its sharp scales!
  Dragons: Rise of Berk  
Valka was familiarizing herself with Berk and the surrounding areas. Today it was the turn of Glacier Island, an island that had not yet been discovered back when she lived in Berk. It was there, when snow began hitting her in the back! Turning around but seeing no one she figured it must be the Twins, who had probably followed her and were now playing pranks on her. She knew they would be jumping out at any moment screaming, "Loki!"
Valka continued walking, pretending she hadn’t noticed the snow, but the further she walked the more snow she got! It was then she decided to turn around and put a stop to the Twins' silliness, but when she turned it was not the Twins she found. To her utter surprise it had been a Shivertooth all along!
Valka followed the Shivertooth until they reached a nest of eggs all the while she would sped by and shoot snow at Valka, it seemed it was a playful little fellow! After a day of fun in the snow, Valka began her journey back to Berk but the Shivertooth wouldn't stop following her. Convinced it was not going to stay, Valka grabbed the nest and the Shivertooth for her return to Berk.
  School of Dragons  
The Twins were playing around Icestorm Island and throwing snowballs at each other when from the sky a pile of snow was dropped on Tuffnut. Ruffnut couldn't contain her glee at seeing her brother under a snow hill and was loudly laughing. Meanwhile Tuff was spluttering about cheating, but before he could get up a lump of snow was dropped on Ruffnut. It was now Tuff who was laughing and sniggering at his sister.
Before they could get more agitated, they noticed a Shivertooth flying above them and dropping the snow from a small mountain ledge right above them. The mischievous dragon had wanted to join in on the fun these two were having! The Twins not to be left behind continued to throw snowballs at each other and the Shivertooth.
After a long day of fun and play fighting, the twins began making their way back home, and waved goodbye to their newly acquired friend. It was until the next day, when the Twins were leaving their home, that they noticed their new friend had followed them home. But she wasn't alone, this Sharp Class dragon had brought her nest along with herself to campus!
  School of Dragons  

Physical Appearance

Shivertooth egg.jpeg


Shivertooth Egg.png

In School of Dragons, the Shivertooth egg is crystal blue and has tints of darker blue near the base and white at the tip. It resembles a snowy mountain; its pointy tip is white, and there are white patterns that run down the tip that look like snowflakes or frost. In Dragons: Rise of Berk, the Shivertooth egg is triangular. There are ice spikes on it, similar to that of a Groncicle, but the spikes all point upwards and the egg is not as oval-shaped as the latter.

Hatchling to Adult

The Shivertooth has a pelican-like mouth, and it appears to be a large-sized dragon species. It has gem-like spikes lining its back, thin and sharp claws, and arrow-shaped tail tip. When walking on all fours, it resembles an alligator's posture of its legs. In School of Dragons, its appearance differs greatly, having more of the stance, size, and appearance of a theropod dinosaur. The School of Dragons version is bipedal, has a longer neck, has a curved spine, and possesses spikes on the cheeks and three arrowheads on its tail.

Shivertooth Titan - NBG.png

Titan Wing

A Titan Wing Shivertooth has a shiny grayish-blue body with sharp scales. It has spikes all over its body, especially its tail and back.


Sharp Features

The Shivertooth is said to have the sharpest claws of any dragon. They are described as being able to slice Vikings and leave them in stitches. This is a useful attack or defense strategy. They are also said to have sharp scales, very sharp spines lining down their back, and a sharp-edged arrowhead-shaped tail-end. Their teeth are also very sharp, as Gobber managed to create a ice axe that had a Shivertooth's teeth.

Frost Firepower

Similar to the Bewilderbeast, Woolly Howl, Snow Wraith, and Windgnasher, the Shivertooth shoots ice at its opponents.

Speed and Agility

According to School of Dragons, the Shivertooth is the fastest Sharp Class dragon, with a speed similar to a Snow Wraith's.


As mentioned in the description above, the Shivertooth that followed Valka was able to stealthy stay hidden, using it's color to blend in the environment.


The Shivertooth is described as cunning and having quick, sharp wits. It is said to use its smarts against both friend (in pranks) and foe (in combat).

Medicinal Scales and Saliva

Some Shivertooths like Quiverpain said to have cold scales and saliva, which are "the perfect remedy for a sore throat". It is unknown if other Shivertooths have this ability.

Behavior and Personality

As the description states, the Shivertooth is one of the most mischievous dragons. It likes to play pranks and tricks, possibly to distract its prey or opponents before it attacks.


Dragons: Rescue Riders, Season 1

The Shivertooth is mentioned in the episode "Bad Egg" when Leyla tries to deduce what kind of dragon may have left claw marks on the wall of The Roost.


Dragons: Rise of Berk

The Shivertooth made its debut in Dragons: Rise of Berk, where it was available in the location introduced in the second film, Itchy Armpit. An exclusive individual, the Quiverpain, also became available.

School of Dragons

The Shivertooth then appeared in School of Dragons, but it is larger, bipedal, and has a thicker body and longer neck. It's tail design also differs in its arrowhead pattern.


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