A man knows his dragon. [src]
  — Dagur  

Shattermaster is Dagur the Deranged's Gronckle who first appeared in "Family on the Edge".

Official Description

This small and happy Gronckle was definitely NOT what Dagur expected for his first dragon. But, surprisingly, these two make an excellent team.
  Dragons: Rise of Berk  
There has been a lot of speculation as to what happened to Shattermater between being injured by a boulder while saving The Edge from Dragon Hunters and his brief return as the ring bearer in Dagur and Mala’s wedding. Although there is something of truth in these speculations, the truth might be a bit closer to the heart.

Fishlegs, who fancies himself somewhat of an expert in Dragon Sociology has this to say on the matter:

The thought of Shattermaster and Dagur working together was a bit of a ‘what the Thor’ moment for me. There are a lot of wild Dragons we were keeping track of near The Edge, looking for those we might tame. Shattermaster was one of my first picks. I have a soft spot for Gronckles, but even among those beautiful beasts, Shattermaster stood out as more intelligent and resourceful than any of his pack.

I grew up with Dagur. Even when trying to be a better man, he was always kind of a maniac. It’s not the best personality for a Dragon like Shattermaster. Also, seeing Dagur responding to this majestic and intelligent animal in a way I could only call ‘underwhelmed’ set my teeth on edge. Even after they bonded and started coming up with all those battle tactics together, I still thought it was a bit weird.

I’m not criticizing either of them with this, but you could see the cracks in their partnership coming from a mile away. Don't get me wrong, either one of them would have sacrificed himself to save the other, but that’s just what it all led to, isn’t it? Shattermaster went so far beyond what any other Dragon would have done to get the approval of their rider, And although Dagur was appreciative when it benefited him, I don’t think he noticed that Shattermaster was trying so hard. In the end the poor Dragon burned himself out.

I cared for him for weeks after his injury. Dagur only really showed up to talk about the amazing adventures he was having with Sleuther. I could tell that really hurt Shattermaster in deeper ways than the boulder crushing his ribs ever could. But he got over it. He moved on. He went back to his pack for a while. I would see him flitting around in the hills, free as a bird. I think he found himself again.

When the wedding happened, though it was different. I don’t think Shattermaster would have come if he wasn’t truly happy for his ex partner. And to be honest, Dagur was super happy to see him. I don’t think Dagur really has the kind of emotional depth that leads to reflection on his behavior if you know what I mean. But I think it was significant that he asked Shattermaster to be the ringbearer for his wedding. I always wondered if that was Dagur’s way of saying sorry. Sleuther was a bit miffed by that, but meh. Dragons are crazy.

I’ve seen Shattermaster around the Edge of New Berk lately tho. Hanging around watering holes, giving young vikings the side glance. I don’t know. I think he might be ready to try again. Do you know any single riders?
  Dragons: Titan Uprising  


Meeting Dagur

In "Family on the Edge", Shattermaster first appeared as Dagur's new dragon. He was chosen by Hiccup, mainly because he thought it would be safer for Dagur to ride the "slowest and least dangerous dragon" he could find. At first, Dagur refused to train Shattermaster, claiming he was "beneath him". However, Dagur accepted him soon after his failed attempt to mount him. The duo then enthusiastically began training with Hiccup, and later Fishlegs. Shattermaster was said to be a fast learner, as shown by his mastery of the Inverted Gronckle Drop. When Dagur was locked up after being accused of spying for the hunters, Shattermaster broke them out, which prompted Fishlegs to comment on how well they had bonded. Upon reaching the hidden shipyard, Dagur and Shattermaster charged into battle and laid waste to the hunters' fleet. Unfortunately, Shattermaster and Dagur were shown to have not survived and were presumed dead.

Being Rescued and Fighting the Dragon Hunters

Hold on! Daddy's coming for you, Shattermaster. [src]
  — Dagur goes to rescue his dragon  

When Hiccup and Heather discover that Dagur is alive in "Saving Shattermaster", he reveals that he's been undercover in order to save Shattermaster, who was captured by the Dragon Hunters.

After an agreement between the three and a short research, Hiccup, Heather and Dagur go to rescue Shattermaster. They are successful, as they manage to free other Gronckles too. However, the Dragon Hunters follow them, so Dagur and Shattermaster distract them while Hiccup and Heather get the dragons to safety.

Dagur and Shattermaster return in "Gold Rush", when the riders go to retrieve Berk's gold that was lost to Viggo. While trying to break a dragon-proof door, Shattermaster uses a new move that Dagur calls "Shatter Scatter". He then later helps in rescuing the Dragon Riders using a move called "Flying Shatter Scatter", which he performs with the help of Windshear. At the end of the episode, he leaves with Dagur, Heather and Windshear for Berserker Island.

Shattermaster takes part in Hiccup's mission to retrieve the Dragon Eye from Viggo in "Shell Shocked, Part 1". However, they found the island destroyed, so Hiccup sends Dagur and Shattermaster back to Berserker Island. He later appears when the Shellfire attacks Berserker Island, flying away from the island.

Shattermaster helps defending the Edge in "Shell Shocked, Part 2". He and Dagur save Sleuther from the Dragon Hunters. However, he is badly injured by a boulder in the process. Dagur promises to defend him to the death. Fortunately, Sleuther comes and fights the Dragon Hunter with Dagur riding him. After Hiccup arrives, he tells Dagur to look after his dragon as he needs help.

For reasons unknown, Shattermaster is not present or even referenced in the fifth season, with Sleuther instead serving as Dagur's dragon. However, we know that he survives, as he appears in Dagur and Mala's wedding as the ring bearer. According to Titans Uprising, Shattermaster stayed with Fishlegs until his injury was healed and then rejoined his pack. Shattermaster and Dagur drifted apart but Dagur still wanted Shattermaster to be his ring bearer.

Attending to Dagur's Wedding

Shattermaster is shown briefly to be alive and well in "King of Dragons, Part 2", presenting the rings at Dagur and Mala's wedding.

New Berk

In Dragons: Titan Uprising, Fishlegs states that he frequently sees Shattermaster hanging out by watering holes around New Berk eyeing young Vikings, possibly looking for a new rider. He also states that Shattermaster and Dagur were never really meant to be dragon and rider.

Mentioned by Dagur

I'll help Fishlegs get Meatlug back on her feet in fighting shape in no time. Don't worry about her; she's a fighter, just like Shattermaster.
  — Dagur in School of Dragons  

Despite not appearing in game, Dagur does reference Shattermaster in the expansion Rise of Stormheart.

Physical Appearance

Shattermaster is a green Gronckle with yellow eyes and lighter green underbelly. Like other Gronckles, he also has bulky body with small wings that flap like bumblebees. He also has a club-like tail, wing-like head appendages, short legs and triangular teeth, like all gronckles.


Shattermaster is shown to be hyper-energetic and a truly friendly dragon. Much like Gustav and Fanghook before them, Shattermaster formed a strong bond with Dagur after only a day of training with him, despite Dagur's unenthusiasm upon seeing his new dragon. He's also shown to be quite protective of Dagur, as seen when Astrid threatened to harm his rider if he betrayed them. He also seems to be a very quick learner, just like his rider, and managed to outwit Heather and Windshear with impressive power and agility. Shattermaster doesn't even hesitate risking his life alongside his rider to protect the Dragon Riders and Heather.


Dagur the Deranged

It's okay, boy. I'm right here. We're warriors, you and me, right? We'll fight together to the end. They won't take us alive. I promise you that. I admit that it's... It's not the preferred result. But if it's our time, there's no one I'd rather pass through the gates of Valhalla with than you, you hear me? [src]
  — Dagur to Shattermaster  

He met Dagur when he was given as gift from Hiccup because Hiccup wanted Dagur to have the slowest dragon just in case Dagur was lying about changing his ways. Though Shattermaster has shown to have great trust in Dagur as he was willing to defend him from Astrid when she verbally threatened him, and this was after only a few short hours of being together. He was even willing to sacrifice himself with his master in order to protect their friends. And Dagur had come to care for the Gronckle in a very real way.

At the very end of "King of Dragons, Part 2", Shattermaster served as a ring bearer at the wedding of Dagur and Mala.

Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III

It's possible that Shattermaster was trained by Hiccup before being given to Dagur, since he came when Hiccup whistled to him. It is also possible that he had a good bond with Hiccup, since he was so sociable.


Shattermaster and Toothless got along pretty well. Toothless trusted Shattermaster enough to let him carry Hiccup back to the base without him.

Fishlegs Ingerman

He might have been thankful to learn some experience with Fishlegs as he has a lot of experience with Gronckles. He's definitely thankful when Fishlegs feeds him a basket full of fish after he and Dagur had gone a considerable amount of time without being able to eat.


Like Toothless, Meatlug also gets along with many dragons as she loves to get along with any dragon she meets that are good. She enjoys helping Shattermaster learn new tricks to do with his rider.

Astrid Hofferson

Shattermaster might have some respect for her after she threatens his new rider, and is quick to defend him from her if needed.


Shattermaster might have been thankful after learning some experience from her, but was willing to defend his owner when Stormfly was threatening his owner along with Astrid.


Shattermaster's first encounter with Heather was when he and Dagur were trying to get away from her, so he worked with his rider to confuse and disorientate her. But later, he easily picked up on Dagur's affection for his sister, and appears to accept Heather as a friend, even becoming protective of her similarly to Dagur's protective behavior toward her.


Windshear didn't seem too fond of Shattermaster at first, after he butted her in the stomach mid-flight. But the two seem to have reconciled when they see their riders' affection for each other. They even learn to work together to pull off Dagur and Shattermaster's new trick; the Flying Shatter-Scatter; as she carries Shattermaster in flight with her tail and flings him toward a target.


Shattermaster first met Sleuther when he and Dagur saved the Triple Stryke from a group of Dragon Hunters. When Shattermaster got injured and cornered behind a rock with Dagur, Sleuther returned the favor by coming to their aid. This resulted in Sleuther bonding with Dagur and the two worked together in protecting Shattermaster from the Dragon Hunters.

Abilities and Skills

Intelligence: In one day, Shattermaster was able to have been trained quite fast, even with a trainer as inexperienced as Dagur. He was able to help his owner by using the chain to make the dragon hunter trip over it easily.

Strength and Combat: He has proven to be very strong and fights like a typical Gronckle. He's even strong enough to briefly incapacitate Windshear with a tail bludgeon to the stomach.

Speed and Agility: Shattermaster has been proven to be quite fast for a typical Gronckle. He is even shown to be agile enough to dodge Windshear's attacks and was able to do a back flip to dodge a barrage of the Dragon Hunters' arrows.

Inverted Gronckle Drop: Inspired by nearly falling out of the sky on his first flight with Dagur, Shattermaster was able to master a modified version of Fishlegs and Meatlug's Gronckle Drop. It's an effective yet borderline insane maneuver, not unlike Shattermaster's rider.

Endurance and Stamina: Shattermaster has proven to have high endurance when he was hit by a large boulder and was still able to walk, despite being unable to fly. His stamina is also as good as any other Gronckle, as he is capable of flying for long periods of time.

Shatter Skatter: This is a move that Dagur and Shattermaster have evidently come up with between Saving Shattermaster and Gold Rush. It is a battle move where Shattermaster curls up into a ball and rolls at high speed and then uncurls seconds before he hits his target. It is capable of breaking through dragon-proof metals.

Flying Shatter Skatter: This new skill is a combined effort between Windshear and Shattermaster. In this move, Windshear uses her tail to hold Shattermaster and then tosses him towards a target. Like in the normal Shatter Skatter, Shattermaster then curls up into a ball and rolls at high speed and then uncurls seconds before he hits his target. Also, like the regular Shatter Skatter, this move is capable of breaking through dragon-proof metals.

Game Statistics

Dragons: Titan Uprising




  • It is possible that Hiccup trained Shattermaster before giving him to Dagur, due to his friendly behavior towards them.
  • Shattermaster is one of only two dragons that can break dragon proof metal, with the other being Grump.
  • It is unknown why Shattermaster was absent in Season 5, though it was very likely that he was recuperating from the injuries he suffered in the previous season or Dagur wasn't planning to use Shattermaster on his missions because he might been afraid he will get hurt again. It was later explained in Titans Uprising.


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