Seven Spice Seafood Surprise is a food that first appeared in the Dragons: Rescue Riders episode "Belly Flop".


In "Belly Flop", Leyla prepared the Seven Spice Seafood Surprise for Summer's upcoming birthday. She asked Dak to hide the dish, so the boy placed it under a bucket and went swimming. When he returned, he discovered that Haggis had eaten the Seven Spice Seafood Surprise. The boy tried to recreate the recipe, but failed multiple times and his attempts ended up rotting in a barrel. Later, when Leyla came to The Roost looking for a solution to get Elbone and Summer out of a Sea Gronckle's mouth. She took the barrel with failed attempts of the Seven Spice Seafood Surprise and fed it to the Sea Gronckle, causing him to vomit Summer and Elbome out.


Dragons: Rescue Riders



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