He [Hiccup] was secretly on the side of the Semi-Spotted Snowpeckers, charming little birds that Hiccup often watched from his window
  — Book 4  

Semi-Spotted Snowpeckers are a fictitious bird species appearing in the How to Train Your Dragon Book series.


Semi-Spotted Snowpeckers are a small flying bird active during the Winter months. Their population appears quite large and plentiful. Based on their name, Snowpeckers have some spotting on them. They appear to have a relatively long, straight beak, reminiscent of a woodpecker. In addition to flying and "flitting about like hummingbirds", they also move around on the ground and snow by hopping.

Semi-Spotted Snowpeckers were jumping all around them like fleas on a cow's back ...
  — Book 4  

Winter appears to also be breeding season for Snowpeckers. The bird build a nest out of snow that look "like tiny igloos".


These fictitious birds are hunted extensively as a food source during the Winter in the Barbaric Archipelago. Preparation may be as simple as being roasted on a stick.


How to Cheat a Dragon's Curse

During a 'Hunting-With-Bows-and-Arrows-on-Skis' Excursion to Mount Villiany, the Viking Novices of the Hooligan Tribe must kill as many Semi-Spotted Snowpeckers as possible. This must be accomplished, however, while skiing down a mountain.

Snowpeckers are mentioned later as roasted treats for Vikings, eaten during the Freya'sday Fete festivities.

In the Epilogue of Book 4, an elderly Hiccup describes himself.

I am old and slow as a great sea turtle, and my hair is as white as a Semi-Spotted Snowpecker.
  — Hiccup in Book 4  


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