Seedling Rumblehorn is a Rumblehorn first seen in Dragons: Rise of Berk. It is one of the Seedling Dragons who work for the Foreverwing.

Official Description

The Foreverwing relies heavily on this Rumblehorn's keen sense of smell! Even when the Seedlings are napping, he always NOSE when something's coming!
  Dragons: Rise of Berk  

Physical Appearance

Seedling Rumblehorn is ochre with orange on the edge of the wings. He has rocks on his back and tail.


  • Unlike the other Rumblehorns that resemble a beetle, Seedling Rumblehorn resembles a tortoise.
    • This could possibly be a reference to the Foreverwing, who has a very tortoise-like build.
    • It also has the resemblance of an Ankylosaurus.



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