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Seaweed is an organism that appears in the How to Train Your Dragon Book series. Seaweed may refer to a diverse array of species, some of which are classified as plants, but not all. For the purposes of this Wiki, seaweed will be categorized under "Plant".


Seaweeds can be analogously described as the plants of the sea, and appear to have stalks and leaves. However, seaweed is not related to the Kingdom Plantae at all. Seaweed is a general term describing large-sized, visible algae species. Algae itself is a broad term referring to a large number of species in assorted taxonomic groups. However, though not actual plants, seaweed derives its energy from a type of photosynthesis.


In Book 1 of the Book series, seaweed is mentioned as a background accessory and as a descriptor. Apparently dragons' odors are "a salty stink of seaweed and old mackerel heads".

In reality, various types of seaweed are a nutritious edible. additionally, they can be used as a sort of environmental 'cleaner', as well as a fertilizer.


Hiccup: The Viking Who Was Seasick

And one mighty blast from the gale picked up that whole Viking ship as if it were a piece of seaweed and threw it fifty miles to the west.
  Hiccup: The Viking Who Was Seasick  

In this Children's Book, a very young Hiccup encounters a storm at sea on an ocean voyage with his father.

How to Train Your Dragon

Seaweed is mentioned in Book 1 to describe the smell of dragons.

Hiccup also finds seaweed annoying when some is stuck in his shoe:

He was freezing cold and there was an irritating bit of seaweed in one of his sandals.
  How to Train Your Dragon  

Seaweed is also utilized to taunt someone about being mentally dull.

And Y-Y-YOU ... are a r-r-rabbit-hearted, seaweed-brained, winkle-eating SNOB.
  — Book 1  
YOU shut up or I will tear you limb from limb and feed you to the gulls, you winkle-hearted, seaweed-brained, limpet-eating PIG.
  Thuggory to Snotlout  

How to Be a Pirate

Fishlegs expresses frustration using seaweed, against the rest of the Hooligan Tribe for their affinity for going into dangerous situations.

{{Quote|Idiots, Idiots!! I'm surrounded by people with seaweed for brains.|Fishlegs in Book 2]]

How to Speak Dragonese

Bits of seaweed on oysters are mentioned in Book 3 as a reason Toothless refused to eat oysters that Hiccup retrieved from Hooligan Harbor at 3 AM in the morning. Toothless claimed the "black bits" were yucky.

Later, Fishlegs and Hiccup return to Berk after failing to acquire a Peaceable helmet during 'Board-an-Enemy-Ship lessons, "slipping and sliding on the seaweedy rocks".

Later, the Bog-Burglar Tribe returns Grimbeard's Shield to the Hooligans as a sign of good faith. It is described as having "a skull crowned by seaweed, around which waves and dragons chased each other in an endless circle."


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