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Seals are marine animals only mentioned in the DreamWorks Dragons franchise.


Seals are often referred to as Pinnipeds. They are semiaquatic marine animals characterized by their fins which serve as feet. They are divided in three families: OdobenidaeOstariidae and Phocidae.

Their hearing and eyesight are adapted for both water and air. In addition, they developed advanced tactile system in their whiskers.

Their diet mostly consists of fish marine invertebrates, although some species (like the leopard seal) eat larger animals.


In the franchise, the seals have no function.

In reality, seals are hunted for their pup's fur, though it is illegal in most countries.


Dragons: Riders of Berk

In the episode "Defiant One", Tuffnut jokingly says that Snotlout is a baby seal.

Fishlegs: "Hey, what's that?"
Stoick: "It's Hiccup!"
Tuffnut: "And he picked up a baby seal!"[src]
  — Tuffnut joking  

Dragons: Race to the Edge

Season 6

In the episode, "A Gruff Separation", the twins compete against each other for the Thorston Initiation Trials. Each is doing it for the benefit of the other, but unbeknownst to them. Gruffnut tries to talk Ruffnut by telling her she might become an old maid, or "a baby seal named Derriq, with a Q".

Other Mentions

According to DreamWorks' YouTube Video Series, "The DreamWorks Download", Toothless, and perhaps the Night Fury as a species, was inspired by many animals, including elephant seals. "The noises Toothless makes are a combination of elephant seals, elephants, tigers, horses, and domestic cats."


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