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      The Sea Stacks are rock formations jutting out of the ocean that appear frequently throughout all of the DreamWorks Dragons Franchise.

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The perfect place to add new sections to a map or practice dragon riding maneuvers.
  Dragons: Race to the Edge Interactive Map  


Sea stacks are steep landforms that take the form of vertical rock columns, caused by wave and water erosion. Sea stacks occur along the coastline and are typically formed from the erosion of the mainland. They often have some vegetation like grass or single trees on them. Sea stacks are common in the Northern Atlantic, particularly near the British Isles, but can be found world-wide.


They appear and are mentioned many times throughout the Franchise. They're often seen around larger islands in clusters. They are common places to find new dragon species, or to stop and rest for a while.

Sea stacks are able to be damaged (or eaten) by Dragon activity. In the game, School of Dragons, the player is asked to topple over sea stacks in Berk Harbor that have become a hazard in the "Battering Ram" Stable Quest. The dragon suggested for this Stable Quest is the Rumblehorn.

Sea Stacks also appear throughout the spin-off series, Dragons: Rescue Riders. In the first episode, Leyla notes that Wave Glider dragons make their nests on top of sea stacks. There are various large sea stacks around the island of Huttsgalor, seen in a variety of episodes.


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