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Scuttleclaws are rambunctious and hyperactive dragons, which is why they are so darn difficult to control in flight, but they're still very cute. [src]

The Scuttleclaw is a medium-sized Sharp Class dragon that first appeared in How to Train Your Dragon 2.

Official Description

A hyperactive powerhouse of the Sharp Class. It's extremely difficult to control, but it's a hard worker when it put its mind to it.
The Scuttleclaw is a hyperactive terror in battle, moving almost too quickly for opponents to see.
  Dragons: Rise of Berk  
As you may know, the Bewilderbeasts are very powerful dragons that take control over all dragons... Did I say all dragons? I meant to say all dragons except for one... THE SCUTTLECLAW!
You might be fooled, but underneath all that cuteness, are little troublemakers, waiting to cause more mischief. The Scuttleclaw's behavior does not sit well with the Bewilderbeast, and with lots of rage and anger, the Bewilderbeast capture the playful Scuttleclaws. After being trapped in the Dragon Den under the Alpha's watchful eye for a couple days, the Scuttleclaws found a way to escape and found their way into the School of Dragons!
We believe that having the Scuttleclaws join us on campus will teach them how to obey and respect other people, even though their cuteness might fool you. Since you all are experienced, brave Vikings, here is your chance to train and grow your own Scuttleclaw to make them into the dragons they deserve to be!
So make your way to Johann's Trading Post where you'll find all new FRESH Scuttleclaw eggs, ready to be hatched and trained!
  School of Dragons  
Underneath their cuteness, Scuttleclaws are little troublemakers just waiting to cause more mischief. Baby Scuttleclaws are wild, hyperactive powerhouses who are extremely difficult to control, but hard working when they put their minds to it.
  — Dragonpedia stat card  

Physical Appearance


Scuttleclaw Egg.png

Scuttleclaw eggs are spherical (in Dragons: Rise of Berk) or oval (in School of Dragons), with an obvious scale pattern, similar to an adult's. Most eggs are a blend of two colors, one dominating the top, and the other, the base.

Hatchling to Adult

The Scuttleclaw looks like a cross between a Deadly Nadder and a Hideous Zippleback. Its head is similar to a Zippleback's, with Zippleback-like lobes and its body, legs, and feet are reminiscent of a Nadder's. It has a long tail. Scuttleclaws come in a large variety of colors (green, purple, reddish-brown, yellow, etc.). They also have a horn on their nose.

A young Scuttleclaw, perhaps a Short Wing, appears in a short TV spot for How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World. It appears a little larger and more svelte in form than the stocky Scuttleclaw Hatchlings that appeared in How to Train Your Dragon 2.

Titan Wing

Titan Wing Scuttleclaw.png

Titan Wing Scuttleclaws have dark green bodies and brown spots all over their wings. They look more ferocious and have larger, longer dark orange spines on their back. Their face is brown and has more bumps and a larger nasal horn. With broad feet and sharp claws, Titan Wing Scuttleclaws resemble Deadly Nadders. In School of Dragons, they are light green, with dark red spikes and bumps.


Strength and Combat

Even for infants, Scuttleclaws have proven to be quite strong dragons. They were able to carry heavy Vikings such as Gobber and Fishlegs.

Endurance and Stamina

Scuttleclaw infants can fly for a very long distance from their home all the way to Berk, carrying heavy Dragon Riders and like to show off their stamina.


Scuttleclaw fire in SoD.png

Scuttleclaws have a yellowish green ball-shaped fire, which is, so far, only seen in a promotional video. According to School of Dragons, Scuttleclaw fire is based on copper. However, in this game, it is light green in color, and it comes out in streams, similar to a Changewing's acid.

Speed and Agility

Baby Scuttleclaws are fast.gif

In Dragons: Rise of Berk, Scuttleclaws are also described to be incredibly fast dragons which move too quickly for opponents to see. They have proven to be quite fast and maneuverable while carrying the Dragon Riders.

Jaw Strength

Scuttleclaws apparently have strong jaws, as one of the babies were able to bite into Toothless' tail without letting go. Also, when they have grown up into adults, their teeth get bigger, meaning that the adults' bite could be stronger than the babies'.

Behavior and Personality

Tuffnut: "We can't fly these things!"
Hiccup: "They're babies! They don't listen to anyone!"[src]

As juveniles, Scuttleclaws are mischievous and playful and listen to no one. Not even a Bewilderbeast can put them under command. According to Dragons: Rise of Berk, Scuttleclaws are active and playful with seemingly unlimited energy. In some cases, however, Flower fragrance can have a calming influence on the hyperactive hatchlings, as seen with the Budbite variety. Juveniles tend to gnaw on anything

they can find, most likely due to their stage of teething. They are described to be 'hyperactive powerhouses'. This trait could be, rather eccentrically, one of few countermeasures effective to resist the hypnosis of Alpha Dragons. They also enjoy playing with Toothless, though the feeling isn't mutual, as Toothless felt uncomfortable around them.

Scutlleclaws are scarred by Cloudjumper.gif

Scuttleclaws often scatter or become disciplined when they are roared at by larger and more mature dragons such as Cloudjumper, Toothless and Bonesnarl.

Deathgrippers are frightening.gif

In the third film, they are shown to huddle in fear from Deathgrippers, indicating that Scuttleclaw hatchlings are prey for these dragons.


Hiccup tells the Riders the plan againt the Alpha.gif
Grimmel releases Ruffnut.gif

Scuttleclaws are extremely easy to train, especially as juveniles. They don't seem to mind if someone is riding them, and they will continue to play in the air. Even inexperienced riders, such as Eret, can have a partial control of the direction of flight of a Scuttleclaw.

Comparative Statistics


How to Train Your Dragon 2

Main article: Scuttleclaw Hatchlings

The first appearance of Scuttleclaws was in Valka's Mountain. They playfully greeted Hiccup, Toothless and Valka remarked that they 'listen to no one'. The baby Scuttleclaws then proceeded to disturb Valka's Bewilderbeast after Cloudjumper scared them away. Later, when Hiccup prepared to leave the Mountain, several babies were seen nipping Toothless' ears and tails. After that, the Riders rode the baby Scuttleclaws back to Berk when all their dragons were under control as they were only dragons remaining in the Mountain. Despite being infants, they helped in defeating Drago's Bewilderbeast. In the aftermath, they bowed to Toothless, acknowledging him as their new Alpha.

How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World

During a raid, the Dragon Riders rescued two baby Scuttleclaws from hunters, which they brought back to Berk. The villagers welcomed the dragons and brought them food. Some other Scuttleclaws were present in the Great Hall during that night's dinner.

When the people of Berk decided to move to the Hidden World, all the Scuttleclaws of the island began the journey too, carrying different things, such as ships. They eventually arrived at New Berk, where they settled down for a while.

Many wild Scuttleclaws were among the myriad of dragons in the Hidden World who bowed down in front of Toothless and his mate, showing respect for their Alpha.

After Grimmel the Grisly captured Ruffnut, he locked her in a cage next to a young Scuttleclaw. However, Ruffnut was proven to be annoying, even frightening the young dragon. When she accidentally mentioned New Berk, Grimmel, seemingly annoyed, released Ruffnut and gave her the Scuttleclaw, saying that his Deathgrippers will have to hold for dinner, which disgusted Ruffnut when she realized that Deathgrippers eat other dragons. After getting on the hatchling, she flew back to New Berk, unaware that this was part of Grimmel’s plan to find Toothless.

After Grimmel the Grisly captured Toothless, all the Scuttleclaws from Berk, along with the other dragons, came to their Alpha's help. However, Toothless ordered them to stop when Grimmel threatened to kill the Light Fury. Fortunately, the Dragon Riders began an attack on Grimmel's ships and freed the Scuttleclaws, along with the other dragons, which returned to New Berk.

When the battle ended, Hiccup realized that the only way the dragons can be safe from humans was for them to go to the Hidden World. After Toothless gave the command to the dragons of Berk, all of them, including the Scuttleclaws, said their farewells to the Vikings and flew off to the Hidden World.

Dragons: Rescue Riders, Season 1

The Scuttleclaw is mentioned in the episode "Bad Egg" when Leyla tries to deduce what kind of dragon may have left claw marks on the wall of The Roost.


Dragons: Rise of Berk

Adult Scuttleclaws were first seen in this game, along with their Titan Wing form.

School of Dragons

Scuttleclaws also became available in this game.


  • Asterisk-Transparent.png The official measurements of the Scuttleclaw, as released by DreamWorks Animation are 18 feet (5.48 meters) in length, and 20 feet (6.09 meters) in wingspan.
  • Despite being a Sharp Class dragon, the Scuttleclaw doesn't seem to possess a certain trait of one.


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