Scribbler is a former scholar who lost his memories during an attack on Havenholme. He was found by the Dragon Riders and eventually learned to train dragons after he bonded with a Chimeragon whom he named Patch. He and his dragon helped in defeating Eir after which left the Dragon Riders, going on a journey of self-discovery. He first appeared in the game, Dreamworks Dragons: Dawn of New Riders.


Adventure on Havenholme

Scribbler awakened in the ruins of a destroyed campsite on the island of Havenholme. Beside him was a strange egg,that he didn't notice at first. Hiccup arrived and introduced himself and Toothless to the boy. Scribbler explained that he had no recollection of who he was, his name, or where he is from. Hiccup dubbed him "Scribbler" due to finding a journal with him full of scribbles. Hiccup then left to find Astrid and Stormfly, asking Scribbler to take care of the strange egg. Dragon Trappers released a smoke bomb and stole the egg. Scribbler then chased them around Havenholme and finally found the egg. Stepping toward it, a trap was triggered and a cage dropped, imprisoning Scribbler. Just then the strange egg hatched, revealing an equally strange dragon that looked like a patchwork of other dragons. The hatching destroyed the cage and stunned the Dragon Trappers. The trappers left, but not before mentioning their employer, the 'pale poacher'. Hiccup returned to see what happened. Scribbler recalled that the Greeks used the word "chimera" to describe a combination between various species and Hiccup referred to the baby dragon as a Chimeragon. Scribbler then named the baby Patch and bonded with him. Hiccup was then called back to Berk by Gobber, while Scribbler and Patch continued exploring the island and sought out the source of a mysterious dragon roar.

Scribbler and Patch searched the island, finding useful herbs, items, and spoke with Astrid, who could make certain tonics with the herbs. They also encountered other Dragon Trappers roaming the island. Eventually, he found dungeon-like ruins and entered them, since the mysterious dragon roar seemed to be emanating from there. Scribbler uncovered a laboratory of sorts, and a mysterious female villain with short blue hair. She tried to escape, so Scribbler chased her. Ultimately he found and battled an enraged Hotburple who was being controlled by a vial full of a green liquid strapped to its head. He also battled the woman and won.

Adventure at Valka's Mountain

Scribbler follows Eir's trail to Valka's Mountain. He and Patch navigate the maze like and frigid surface, encountering magnetic puzzles and Dragon Trappers. Finally they arrive at an entrance to more underground ruins. The pair explore the complex ruins and eventually catch up with Eir. Scribbler tries to appeal to Eir's humanity, but she to bitter from her past negative experiences to listen. She orders her Titan Wing Stormcutter to attack him. Scribbler and Patch figure out that they can trigger a giant swinging statue at just the right time to hit the drugged Stormcutter, in an attempt to break the orb of toxin around its neck. Eventually Scribbler and Patch succeed, freeing the dragon. Eir escapes elsewhere, and Scribbler is left to find her again.

Physical Appearance

Scribbler is a young man with black hair and hazel eyes. He wears a thick leather coat. Later he wears a hornless helmet. He also carries around a large, bound book looped cross-wise over a shoulder.


Scribbler is a thoughtful young man, who thinks through the tasks at hand. He also demonstrates great sensitivity and compassion for people and animals, especially dragons. Despite witnessing the damage caused by Eir Stormheart, he sees past her actions and attempts to offer a healing path for her.



I know we've only known each other for a little while, Patch, but I feel a true bond with you. A bond that goes beyond time and memory. [src]
  — Scribbler  

Even before Patch hatched, Scribbler felt connected to his egg and even risked his life while trying to protect it from Dragon Trappers. After Patch came into the world, Scribbler bonded with the baby. Patch then followed the boy around through his adventures and helped him cross rivers and lakes by freezing them with his blasts.

I feel like we've met before, but how can that be when you've only just hatched?
  — Scribbler  

While in the ruins underneath Havenholme, Patch and Scribbler worked as a team to solve puzzles in order to advance and defeat enemies that stood in their way, including a Titan Wing Hotburple. After Patch quickly grows up, due to his ability to do so, the dragon insists for Scribbler to ride him, and together they take flight.

Bork the Bold

Though deceased for many generations, Scribbler encounters Bork's handiwork in the many underground ruins he encounters on several islands. He realizes that Bork's writing is very similar to his own and that of his home, Scriven Rock, to the point where he wonders if he is somehow related to Bork.


Memorable Quotes

Then there's an image of a pale man, arriving on our island in an odd ship, one that seemed better suited for the skies than seas.

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