Screaming Death Island is the present home of the Screaming Death and Groundsplitter, his Whispering Death mother.

Official Description

A huge landmass dotted with holes where the Screaming Death and its mother have taken up residence since their escape from Berserker Island at the end of Defenders of Berk.
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Dragons: Race to the Edge, Season 2

In "Night of the Hunters, Part 1", following their first fight with Ryker Grimborn, Hiccup Haddock III, Toothless, Snotlout Jorgenson, and Hookfang went to the Island. There, they found the Screaming Death and Groundsplitter.

As seen in "Night of the Hunters, Part 2", the Dragon Riders were also able to find scales shed by the Screaming Death. Together, they were able to make armor that could withstand the Dragon Hunters' arrows.


Dragons: Rise of Berk




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