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The Screaming Death is a male Screaming Death who first appeared in "Tunnel Vision".


Searching for his Mother

When the Screaming Death was just an egg, he and all of his siblings were placed beneath Berk by the Outcast Tribe, hoping that the dragons would destroy the island from down under. The Screaming Death eventually hatched alongside all of his siblings.

Within a few weeks, the Screaming Death grew to a gigantic size and started to attack Berk. He proved to be a powerful adversary against Hiccup and the Dragon Riders until they used his size against him and injured his wing, forcing him to retreat.

Weeks after his initial attack on Berk, the Screaming Death had recovered from his wounds and began to devour some of the islands in the Barbaric Archipelago, growing larger and driving other dragons out in the process. Before he could attack Dragon Island, the Dragon Riders managed to chase him away again.

The Screaming Death then settled on an island that Snotlout named Snotland and brieflt attacked Snotlout and Hookfang before they were rescued by Alvin. He continued his journey to Berk until Fishlegs and Meatlug lured him to Outcast Island with Dragon Root. Upon arriving on Outcast Island, it is revealed that the Screaming Death has been searching for his mother and after a battle against the Berserker Tribe, the Screaming Death reunited with his mother and left the Dragon Riders in peace.

Helping Hiccup and Snotlout

Several years after the war against Dagur the Deranged, the Screaming Death and his family have settled on their own island. Hiccup and Snotlout journeyed to the island to acquire his shed scales to protect their dragons from the Dragon Hunters, but the Screaming Death attempted to chase them out until his mother scolded him.

Aiding the Berserker Bewilderbeast

The Screaming Death was one of the dragons that responded to the Berserker Bewilderbeast's distress call in King of Dragons, Part 2.

Physical Appearance

The Screaming Death is bone-white like all Screaming Deaths, with blood-red eyes that have no pupils centered at the front of his large head. His body is the same shade of white with flecks of grey and curls in a long spiral, similar to that of the Whispering Deaths. Large spinal appendages coat the Screaming Death's body, some of them touched with a hint of red at the ends. His mouth is filled with large, needle-like teeth, and he has a small nasal horn complete with spiky frill lacing the rear of his head. His wings are comparatively small, and a pale shade of grey.


The Screaming Death is a fierce, vindictive and terrifying oponent who bears a grudge against Toothless, making them mortal enemies due to his malicious nature. He won't give up in fighting Toothless, pursuing him until he is finally defeated, and not even quitting when it means moving off of his home turf (a fete most territorial dragons will avoid like the plague) in order to search for and hunt down Toothless.

Abilities and Skills

Tunneling: The Screaming Death appears to have the same kind of tunneling ability as a Whipering Death, although his scales rasping against the tunnel create a screaming sound whilst he is tunneling, rather than that of a whisper. He is able to tunnel at a high rate of speed, and apparently able to sense roughly what is above him, and any movement that happens to occur on the surface will get to him via vibrations.

Firepower: The Screaming Death is able to create large torrents of fire, in the same manner as the Whispering Death. This fire is a pale orange in colouration, and can project a way away for extremely long range blasts.

The Screaming Death's torrents of fire

Strength: Shown to be an extremely strong dragon, the Screaming Death is capable of tunneling upwards and blasting out of the solid ground to stun its opponents. It is also able to knock down rock stacks due to its immense length and size, and can tunnel at ferocious speeds, incdicating large surplus amounts of strength.



His Siblings

Hiccup and Toothless



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