Scourge of Odin

Astrid sick from the Scourge of Odin

The Scourge of Odin. Just the plague that tore through the archipelago centuries ago, wiping out entire viking villages! [src]
  — Snotlout about the disease  

The Scourge of Odin is a lethal infectious disease transmitted by blood and said to have disappeared for centuries in the archipelago.


The effects are coughing, pale skin and fatigue. The infected turn pale and start coughing within a day or so.They turn too weak to walk and have a tendency to faint. During the following day, their skin turns pale and eventually into a sickly shade of green and their eyes become bloodshot. Death is said to occur during the third moon.


Viggo's Infected Fishing crew member.


The only known cure for this lethal disease is the green saliva secreted by Buffalords. This cure is hard to come by as Buffalords are critically endangered, thought to be extinct and its saliva appears to be volatile and evaporates quickly. The effect, fortunately, takes place almost instantly. The green solution is made from Buffalord saliva containing the specific herbs they need to live. 

In Race to the Edge

According to Snotlout, the Scourge decimated entire villages centuries ago. Astrid comes down with the Scourge of Odin when she enters a ship with the infected crew, and the one remaining live occupant reached up to her for help; scratching her arm. As the Scourge of Odin can only be transmitted via blood, she became infected through the scratch. She was eventually cured with Buffalord saliva mixed with the herbs the dragon eats, and the fishing crew were given a proper Viking funeral--their ship set ablaze in honor by the gang in order to prevent anyone from coming near the quarantined ship ever again. ("Buffalord Soldier")

In Rise of Berk

Can we please discuss the creepy-Scourge-of-Odin looking chicken that seems to be following YOURS around?
  — Snotlout  
RoB-Scourge of Odin

When the riders found Chicken and Cockatrice, Snotlout thought that the latter was infected with the Scourge of Odin, hinting that animals can also contact the disease.

In Titan Uprising

She awoke on the shore of a settled island and gradually made it back home. When she finally got there, she found that 70% of the town’s population had been wiped out by the Scourge of Odin.
  Antiquarian Accumulator's description in Dragons: Titan Uprising  

The Scourge of Odin is mentioned in the description of the Boneknapper Antiquarian Accumulator. It is mentioned as having wiped out 70% of the Bog-Burglar Tribe, with Miranda the Magniloquent being spared due to having been previously taken away from her home island by Antiquarian Accumulator.



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