Scorch is a male Singetail who first appeared in "Turn and Burn".

Official Description

Spitelout, Snotlout, Stoick and Hiccup all worked together to try to get this territorial dragon off Storehouse Island... Too bad the Singetail wasn't in a cooperative mood.
  — Dragons: Rise of Berk  


Taking over Storehouse Island

Scorch was first discovered by Spitelout Jorgenson on Storehouse Island in "Turn and Burn". When StoickHiccup and Snotlout go to Storehouse island in search of Spitelout, Hiccup and Snotlout trigger a trap and get stuck in a net. When they ponder why Spitelout set up a dragon trap, they encounter Scorch circling them. Spitelout arrives with Kingstail to rescue the group and leads the large beast away. Upon learning that Spitelout was making a storage house there, Stoick argues the beast itself makes the island too dangerous of a place to have the storage house. Hiccup tries to calm both sides down to reach a mutual decision, but it proves difficult with the Singetail's presence and the Jorgensons' point of views.

After determining the belly to be the weakness, they argue over who gets to take the shot before taking off. Spitelout shows them some places Scorch has burned, and Hiccup knows something's wrong as the fires aren't concentrated. When they try to enact Hiccup's plan, they find out that the dragon's underbelly also emits fire. They soon figure out that the fire Scorch was making was calling for back-up. More Singetails arrive, and the team agrees to leave.

Physical Appearance

In Race to the Edge, Scorch is orange with red spots on his back.

However, in Rise of Berk, he is brown with red spots in order differentiate him from other Singetails.


Like most Singetails, Scorch is territorial and and gets very aggressive once he's claimed an area. He will target anything that he feels is invading his space.



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