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Dagur: "I am working for the Hunters, Hiccup."
Heather: "I knew it."
Dagur: "But only because they have Shattermaster. He's with a large shipment of Gronckles that are headed to port. I was just trying to save my dragon, Hiccup. And now, it's too late. I'll never see Shattermaster again."

"Saving Shattermaster" is the fifth episode of Dragons: Race to the Edge, Season 4. It was released to Netflix on February 17, 2017.


When Mala and the Defenders of the Wing find the Northern Markets to be plagued with Dragon Hunters as well as a mysterious hooded man who saves them from a near-violent situation with the Hunters, Hiccup and Heather go to investigate.
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Mala and Throk seek to purchase the weapons from an iron mason at the Northern Markets. However, they have been all sold for by dragon hunters. Hostilities between them begin to break out, but is prevented when a mysterious hooded man reminds the dragon hunters of their foolish acts taking on Queen Mala. The stranger warns Mala to leave as the markets become increasingly dangerous before disappearing. Afterwards, Mala summons the Dragon Riders to Caldera Bay to inform the dragon hunters' presence in the Northern Markets but also reveals Snotlout to now undergo The Trials, a series of terrifying tests to prove him worthy of a King, after saving Mala's life. Hiccup and Heather therefore proceed to investigate the dragon hunters while the rest of the riders look after Snotlout's life.

Hiccup and Heather disguised themselves as the soldiers of the Defenders of the Wing. While traversing through the markets, dragon hunters grow suspicious when he notices Hiccup's prosthetic. Unaware they're now targeted, Toothless fires a single plasma blast to ward them off but has alerted all of the dragon hunters. Hiccup and Heather evade them and end up near the island's port. From there, Hiccup and Heather are in disbelief that the hooded stranger turns out to be Dagur, having survived and seems to have regained relations with the dragon hunters. Heather is infuriated and plans to finish him off but Hiccup has her rethink as to whether Dagur would really betray them after risking his own life. Heather reluctantly sets aside her anger and accepts to seek an explanation first.

Heather and Hiccup fail to find Dagur on their own but luckily Windshear and Toothless deliver him to them. Heather rushes to interrogate Dagur's motives, but his only response is to cry out for help from a robbery appearing to have suffered memory loss. Dragon hunters soon convene but are eventually defeated, but during the fight, Dagur slips away. Convinced he's a traitor, Heather and Windshear rush to attack him when they spot him about to meet up with approaching dragon hunter ships at the port. Dagur is able to avoid their attacks as the dragon hunters from their ships start firing on the dragons. Heather and Windshear catch up to him and take him away but lose consciousness. Mid-flight, Dagur awakens and urges Hiccup and Heather to return him to the Markets. Dagur explains that he pretended to not know them to protect his new identity as an ally of the hunters to free Shattermaster, as the dragon hunter ships that arrived were imprisoning him there. Hiccup and Heather realize their mistake and turn back.

Snotlout's first trial is to walk across a pool of lava through only a narrow strip of rocks. To everyone's surprise, Snotlout survives, The riders continue to be on the ready to rescue him as Snotlout's next trial is to find his way out of a maze filled with poisonous eels. Snotlout manages to progress but his exit is blocked by giant eels. Fishlegs and Meatlug offer their rescue but Snotlout refuses, causing Meatlug to fly away in fear, leaving Fishlegs with Snotlout. Snotlout bravely battles the giant eels and miraculously resurfaces carrying a fainted Fishlegs. The villagers hold an evening feast for Snotlout's successes. Astrid and Fishlegs urge Snotlout to quit while he's still alive but refuses.

Hiccup and Heather scout overhead the dragon hunters' ships where none contained any Gronckles but only brand new weapons. Dagur realizes they've traded the Gronckles to the iron masons to be used as dragon labor for making Gronckle Iron. They follow the boats taking the new shipment of Gronckles to an island serving as the hunters' weapons plant. Dagur, having spotted his beloved dragon, dives straight for an attack while Hiccup and Heather provide covering fire. Dagur reunites with Shattermaster subsequently freeing the Gronckles as well. But Viggo's fleet arrives in response. Dagur voluntarily risks his life again by luiring the ships away while Hiccup and Heather help direct the freed Gronckles to safety. He swears a Beserker oath to his sister to return with the answers she seeks, leaving Heather saddened to be separated from Dagur again.

Hiccup and Heather arrive just in time for Snotlout's final trial. Throk aims an arrow against a seated Mala as he instructs Snotlout that to become King, he must be willing to take an arrow for the Queen, if he survives. A fearful Snotlout is brought into position in front of Mala and agrees to do it. Before Throk can fire, Toothless suddenly fires a plasma blast near the Eruptodon that distracts Throk enough to misdirect his aim as the arrow shoots straight past him, but luckily Mala skillfully grabs it before it could pierce her. Mala winks at Hiccup's direction, hinting it was planned before. Snotlout recovers only to be disappointed that Mala has ruled him unfit to be king after failing the last trial, despite Throk's inaccurate shot. For his efforts, Mala nonetheless rewards Snotlout to be the guest of honor for a celebratory feast.


  • When Snotlout was surrounded by giant screaming eels in the maze, he shouts, "Okay, that's it. I am so sick of these freaking eels and this freaking maze. Snotlout!". This is a reference to Samuel L. Jackson's character's most famous line in the film "Snakes on a Plane".
  • When Windshear and Toothless cornered Dagur and he pretended to have lost his memory, he was wearing rags. However, he was later seen to be back in his usual Skrill armor.
  • At the beginning of the episode, Throk hadn't got a band around his hair but when the hooded Dagur said it was no longer a safe place when the camera turned back, he had a black band around his hair again.
  • Aside from the scene as an infant in How to Train Your Dragon 2, this is the first time we see Hiccup's bare arms since he has always worn long sleeved tunics.




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