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We call it Sagefruit. It calms even the most aggressive dragons. Makes them easier to handle. [src]
  Mala about the Sagefruit  

Sagefruit is a fruit that first appeared in Dragons: Race to the Edge.


Sagefruit, a fictional plant in the DreamWorks Dragons Franchise, is a bright yellow to orange in color, fading into green at the stem end. While it is relatively rounded, this fruit tapers towards one end and does not appear to have a pedicel or calyx. It rather resembles a pear, and looks a lot like a papaya or a mango. The plant the fruit originates from is not seen in the Franchise.

According to a Dragon Hunter in School of Dragons, the Sagefruit has a bad taste for humans. However, dragons seem to enjoy it a lot.


Sagefruit is used exclusively by the Defenders of the Wing as a calming agent for dragons. It relaxes them without altering their behaviors. However, it cannot always relax a dragon fully. For example, despite eating Sagefruit, Toothless and Stormfly still jumped to their Riders' aid when needed. Singetails are the only dragons unaffected by the calming effects of Sagefruit due to their carnivorous diet, and will spit it out if consumed. Although it is likely as the Mother Singetail seemed more worried/frantic of her unhatched offspring.


Dragons: Race to the Edge

Season 3

In the episode "Defenders of the Wing, Part 1", the Dragon Riders are captured by the Defenders of the Wing Tribe on Caldera Cay. While still unconscious, their dragons were fed sagefruit by the hooded defenders. Later on, when Hiccup was sent into the pit of Speed Stingers, Toothless overcame the effects and rushed in to protect him. Stormfly soon came to defend Astrid and the others. After seeing this, Mala was convinced that they were not Hunters and introduced them to sagefruit.

Season 5

Sagefruit appear briefly in the beginning of the episode, "Sins of the Past". A man (who appears to be in the Outcast-style art) is holding a sagefruit and examining it at the Northern Markets.

Season 6

Sagefruit is seen in the episode, "Family Matters". Fishlegs brings an unconscious female Singetail to Dragon's Edge. When she comes around, he offers her some of the fruit. She takes it and eats it, only to spit it back out to Fishlegs' face almost immediately.


School of Dragons

Sagefruit appears in the School of Dragons expansion pack Return to Dragon Island, being sold on Auction Island. While Eret was aware of the purpose of the fruit, the Dragon Hunters were not. Eret suggests buying it so that the Hunters wouldn't use it on captured dragons. The player talks to a Dragon Hunter who, thinking the sagefruit is useless, gives him/her the fruit for free.

Later in the expansion, when the Green Death emerges from the volcano, Valka suggests using the sagefruit to calm her down. Hiccup states that the fruit won't work and that they need to find another way of calming the dragon down.

Dragons: Rise of Berk

Sagefruit appears as a form of "currency" beginning in 2017 as part of the Gauntlet Events. It is used to completely heal a dragon of all damage and remove all status effects. It can be obtained by spinning a wheel and landing on it after winning a Gauntlet Battle. It can also be bought with runes.

Dragons: Titan Uprising

Sagefruit is mentioned as a preferred food for Sturmundrang the Thunderclaw.


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  • There is a fruit in the background of many episodes of Dragons: Rescue Riders that may be sagefruit. Jack C. Thomas indicated there were many references from the main Franchise.[1] However, it is unclear whether this is one of them.
  • Despite its calming ability, dragons that are extremely agitated, or possibly extremely protective, have the uniform ability to completely throw off its effects.


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