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Rushing Death is a subspecies of the Whispering Death that, unlike the rest of its species, lives near bodies of water.

Official Description

This Whispering Death specializes in hunting near rivers and ponds, using the flow of the water to float its food right into its mouth.
  Dragons: Rise of Berk  

Physical Appearance

The Rushing Death's color scheme consists of dark forest green with a yellow underbelly, green spikes on head and body and bright pink mouth. The adult image appears to have slitted pupils and yellow irises. As a baby, the eyes are all yellow with no pupil.


This subspecies inhabits areas near water sources and displays unique hunting behavior. The Rushing Death situates itself in running water such as a stream or river, opens its wide maw, and allows the current to push Fish into its mouth.


  • Unlike most Whispering Deaths, which have a simple white eye, the Rushing Death has black pupils on a yellow eye.
    • It is possible that Rushing Deaths can better tolerate sunlight due their above-ground environment.
  • If one looks closely in the mouth of the Rushing Death, it appears to lack the defined rotating teeth rows of its cousin the Whispering Death.



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