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Rose McIver is a voice actress and writer who voices Atali in the series Dragons: Race to the Edge.


Frances "Rose" McIver was born in Auckland, New Zealand to an artist mother Annie, and an photographer father, John "Mac" McIver. Her older brother, Paul McIver also has history in acting. She studied jazz, ballet, and acting, and got her first role at age 2 in commercials. Rose attended Avondale College where she graduated in 2006. She then attended the University of Auckland, majoring in Psychology and Linguistics. In 2011 she moved to Los Angeles where she still resides.

Rose is best known for her roles as Olivia Moore in the series iZombie, Tinker Bell in the series Once Upon a Time, Summer Landsdown in the series Power Rangers RPM, and Lindsay Salmon in the movie The Lovely Bones.

Selected Filmography

Dragons: Race to the Edge Filmography

Year Series Season Episodes
2017-2018 Dragons:
Race to the Edge
Season 5
Season 6


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