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      The Rookery is an island where dragons migrate to around the time of Snoggletog to lay their eggs.

Official Description

The warm oasis where dragons flock every winter to welcome their new hatchlings and teach them to fly.
  Dragons: Race to the Edge Interactive Map  


The Rookery is a large island with a circular lake in its middle, surrounded by pristine golden sand. The lake is encircled with rocky mountains and steep cliffs and has many hot water pools with underground water in it. Gronckles push their eggs into them to suppress the explosive action the eggs produce when hatching. 

According to Hiccup's map, it is South-west of the Isle of Berk.


Gift of the Night Fury

All the dragons of Berk, along with thousands of other wild dragons, left on the annual holiday, Snoggletog, to lay their eggs on the Rookery and care for their young until the babies matured enough to take care of themselves.


School of Dragons

Though the Berkery does not appear physically in this game, it is mentioned in a Stable Quest called "Protect the Future". Players can send non-active dragons on Stable Quests to earn points and rewards.

Strong waves crashing against the Berkery are threatening the eggs! Help protect them and maybe find some treasure among the nests.
  School of Dragons  

Dragons: Rise of Berk

The Rookery is mentioned in Deepkeeper's description. Apparently, this Submaripper protects the island from any predators that may want the babies.

Deepkeeper hides underwater, secretly protecting the Rookery each Snoggletog. It awaits predators who seek to disturb the newly hatched Dragons, responding with ferocious force.
  Dragons: Rise of Berk  


  • It hasn't been proven that dragons do not return to the Rookery to lay more of their eggs at other times of the year.
  • It is possible that this is why Snoggletogg is a holiday, because every year at the same time the dragons all stop attacking.



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