I have taken that shield into battle with me all my life, much to the amusement of my friends, for instead of being circular like Viking shields it is square in the Roman fashion.
  — Hiccup in the epilogue of Book 3  

The Roman Shield, originally called the Ceremonial Shield of the Legion is a shield introduced in How to Speak Dragonese and is one of the instrumental King's Lost Things mentioned through the rest of the Book series.


Hiccup Acquires a Shield

Hiccup, Fishlegs, and Camicazi are imprisoned by the Romans in a plot to pit the Tribes of the Inner Isles against each other. The three children are slated to fight in the amphitheater at the Roman outpost, Fort Sinister, on Saturn's Day Saturday. The children as sailed into the arena on the The Valhalla Express and are meant to take on Sharkworms. Hiccup had made an escape plan with the king of the nanodragons, Ziggerastica, before hand. It is implemented at the last possible moment when it appears Hiccup may have been done in by the Sharkworms. Under the power of millions of tiny nanodragons, Hiccup flies into the air and poses as the angry God Thor. As reparation, the Fat Consul hands over the Ceremonial Shield of the Legion and vows to leave the Barbaric Archipelago. Ultimately, Hiccup, Fishlegs, and Camicazi escape Fort Sinister, while Hiccup still has possession of the shield.

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Physical Appearance

In the style of Roman shields, the Roman Shield is rectangular and a few feet in length (a comparision is seen when used by Hiccup). Viking shields are circular. It is decorated with a Roman Eagle.

In time to another trumpet fanfare two slaves brought in the Ceremonial Shield of the Legion, gorgeously decorated with a golden eagle carrying a fish.
  — Book 3  


Protection: As a shield, the Roman Shield can be used in battle to protect the user from injury. Though ceremonial, Hiccup mentions in an epilogue that it is functional as a shield.

Ceremony: The Ceremonial Shield of the Legion was formerly an emblem of Rome, presented at Saturn's Day Saturday activities (and possibly others).

King's Lost Things: The next King of the Wilderwest was prophesied by Grimbeard the Ghastly as having twelve specific objects, one of which is the Roman Shield.

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