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Elbone: "Wait, where's Rocky?"
Leyla: "Rocky?"
Burple: "Is Rocky a small rock? Two eyes? Slightly salty taste?"

Rocky is a rock belonging to Elbone in the series, Dragons: Rescue Riders.


Dragons: Rescue Riders

Season 1

Rocky is introduced in the episode, "Deep Trouble". Elbone becomes lost in the Maze Caves while trying to map them for at lest a day and half. To pass the time, he plays Tic-Tac-Toe with a rock he names 'Rocky'. Rocky wins every time. The Rescue Riders eventually find Elbone, and at the last moment, he grabs Rocky and takes it with him. Later, Burple accidentally eats Rocky, but coughs him back up for Elbone.

Rocky appears briefly in "Slobber Power", when Elbone thinks about him back at the village while he himself is in Thornbane Valley.

Season 2

In "Divewings", Elbone accidentally dropped Rocky into the ocean, but fortunately Summer rescued it. Later, while Elbone was using his boat to collect trash from the ocean, Rocky fell overboard and was found by Gill. The dragon returned the stone to it owner.

In "Puff Enuf", Elbone took Rocky with him while being out collecting seashells. Upon falling in quicksand, Elbone tossed Rocky on a large boulder, keeping it away from danger. After being rescued by Zeppla and the Rescue Riders, Elbone revealed that he made another pet for himself, a seashell called Shelly. He asked the Riders not to tell Rocky about her, not realising that the rock was in his other hand.

In "King Burple", Elbone lost Rocky and Shelly, along with his house boat, when he attempted to use a wooden anchor instead of a normal one. After finding the boat, Elbone and the Rescue Riders searched for Rocky in a nearby pile of rocks. Burple managed to find it and Elbone returned to Huttsgalor with both of his favorite objects.

In "Game of Horns", Elbone talked to Rocky for support during the titular competition. When the Boulder Tossing event bagan, Elbone prepared to throw Rocky, but he realised he couldn't do it and ran away. Towards the end of the competition, Elbone was eliminated for scoring only one point, so the man talked to Rocky for consolation. He then returned home with his pet rock.

Physical Appearance

Rocky is an oblong greyish rock with eyes and a mouth drawn on it.


Rocky! Let's head back to my house boat. You can be my first mate! Or my anchor. We can decide later. [src]
  — Elbone  

Rocky serves as a companion for Elbone throughout the series.

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