Burple is a Rockspitter dragon. He has four stomachs. One for food and the other three for, well, just about anything. [src]

The Rockspitter is a medium-sized Boulder Class dragon that first appeared in Dragons: Rescue Riders.

Physical Appearance

Hatchling to Adult

Young Rockspitters have already developed their stomachs - one for digestion and the other three for storage. They are very compact dragons with a single color on their bumpy hides and a pale underbelly. They have a very large mouth relative to the rest of their bodies, and extremely small wings. Their tail is very bludgeon-like, forming three distinct segments. Juvenile Rockspitters also have two enlarged fangs on their mandible.


Rock Spitting

Rockspitters are specialized in throwing projectiles from their mouths at high speed. They mostly use rocks of various sizes, but other materials can be used too.

In "Iced Out", Burple is seen spitting a rock that strikes against another rock at the edge of a campfire. The rocks colliding created sparks that lit the fire.

Barrel Roll

Despite their portly build, Rockspitters are flexible enough to fold into a ball and roll over the ground, acting as a bowling ball and knocking things over. When rolling, they are strong enough to bash through a rock wall. They can also roll up walls.

Extra Stomachs

Rockspitters have four stomachs, one for food and the other for storing random things, or, as Leyla puts it, "Well, just about anything" and can spit out these random things at will despite their huge storage capacity they are soft enough to hold eggs. Also seen in "Treasure Riders", they can also rearrange things in their stomachs.

Thick Skin

Due to their thick skin, Rockspitters are restraint to high temperatures albeit temporarily in the case with Burple according to Leyla in "Hot, Hot, Hot".


If Burple eats iron ore and when close to belzium his body will become magnetic.

Tail Club

As seen in "The Nest", Burple can smash a large log to pieces with his tail.

Sonic Farts

In "Sick Day", Burple is seen farting sonic farts capable of forcefully pushing a dragon like Aggro against a cluster of barrels and knocking them over. In "Slobber Power", his farts are seen powering Dak on the zipline, making him go extremely fast.


Physical Illness

As with most dragon species, Rockspitters are susceptible to the Dreaded Dragon Flu.

Due to a Rockspitter's ingestion of rocks and a variety of other objects, they can be prone to an upset stomach or other digestive issues. The problems can vary between material, individuals, and which of the four stomachs the material is in. Burple indicated in "Crash Course" that copper ore was not good for his third stomach.


Using their barrel roll makes Rockspitters dizzy, leaving them vulnerable to attacks.

Behavior and Personality

Like Gronckles, Rockspitters seem to be gentle and friendly.


Dragons: Rescue Riders

Season 1

Main article: Burple


  • Due to the size and appearance, Rockspitters bear a strong resemblance to Gronckles.
    • Unlike Gronckles, Rockspitters don't eat rocks, instead storing them for later use.

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