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Rock, Fire, Hay is a simple game played by dragons, seen in the Dragons: Rescue Riders series.


Dragons: Rescue Riders, Season 1

Burple and Aggro play Rock, Fire, Hay multiple times in order to determine who will be group leader watching a trio of dragon eggs, while Summer, Winger, Leyla, and Dak are away from The Roost in "Home Alone".

Cutter attempts to teach the newly hatched Sizzle how to play Rock, Fire, Hay in "Slobber Power". The baby doesn't understand and ends up burning the hay with his acidic drool.

Game Play

Rock, Fire, Hay is played by two dragons. Facing each other, they have three options to throw down: A bundle of hay, a rock, or a bit of fire. At the count of three, the two players simultaneously throw down their choice.

  • Rock beats Fire
  • Fire burns Hay
  • Hay covers Rock

A tie results when both players throw down the same choice.


While Rock, Fire, Hay is primarily a simple game to play, it can be used to make a decision for something, like who goes first in a situation or who leads a group, as seen in "Home Alone".


  • Rock, Fire, Hay appears to be the dragon version of Rock, Paper, Scissors.
  • Cutter notes that drool beats all when trying to play with a baby dragon.


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