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They're very rare and they're known to be incredibly protective. [src]

The Roaming Ramblefang is a large dragon that first appeared in Dragons: Rescue Riders.

Physical Appearance



Roaming Ramblefang eggs are extremely big, larger than a human being. They are ovoid like most eggs. They have a light red violet color as a base, with dark purple spots spread evenly on the surface. When the egg is about to hatch, it gets warmer, but it doesn't explode, unlike most dragon eggs.

Hatchling to Adult

Roaming Ramblefang hatchlings are as big as a full grown human. They walk on four legs and have two wings, having a total of six limbs. They have a small crest on their head, reminiscent of that of a chicken. They have round head with a large underbite and a long neck. They have a round, thick body with small bumps on their backs, and a short thick tail. The Ramblefang have four claws on each leg and two wing claws, on on each wing.




Roaming Ramblefangs can produce fire as soon as they hatch. They can shoot small liquid-like balls of orange and yellow fire. They appear to have a very high shot limit, even as hatchlings. They can also shoot them in quick succession at their opponents in order to defend themselves.



As hatchlings, Roaming Ramblefangs have an incredible strength, as they are able to carry a human in their claws for long distances, without any signs of struggle.

They also have an incredible jaw strength, allowing them to easily lift pieces of metal with their mouths, and smash it into other objects.

Speed and Agility

Roaming Ramblefangs are extremely fast, even as hatchlings, as one was able to outfly a group of five dragons, including a Swiftwing, while also carrying the extra weight of a human teenager.

Behavior and Personality

Even as a hatchling, Roaming Ramblefangs are overprotective and fond of anything they like, and they seem to assume that whatever they see when they hatch is who they should follow.


Dragons: Rescue Riders

Season 2

Main article: Baby Ramblefang

In "Double Finked", an unnamed man from a neighbor island of Huttsgalor found a Roaming Ramblefang egg and sent it to the Rescue Riders via shipment. Leyla did not recognize the egg, at first, believing it to be a Gigantic Grumplumper or a Whooping Whifflewing.

Axel Finke, who was spying on the Rescue Riders, stole the egg and took it to his uncle, Magnus Finke. The egg hatched, and the baby dragon started running through Magnus' workshop. Axel attempted to train the Ramblefang by giving it fish. However, the dragon perceived Axel as a toy and food source, so he became attached to the teenager.

The Rescue Riders came to Magnus' house searching for the dragon, but the Ramblefang thought them to be a threat, so he took Axel and flew away on a sea stack. He shot several fireballs at the riders, but he eventually gave in when Leyla replaced Axel with the Elbone Doll. The riders then took the hatchling to Grumblegard on Hazard Island.


  • The Roaming Ramblefang resembles a Flame Whipper, both in terms of physical appearance and fire ability.


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