The Ridgesnipper is a hybrid between a Razorwhip and a Snafflefang that first appeared in the game, Dragons: Titan Uprising.

Physical Appearance

Hatchling to Adult

Ridgesnippers are primarily bipedal dragons with their forearms greatly reduced in length, similar to the Snafflefang. Their heads are large and bulky, as well, and their coloration - patches of color over a contrasting base color - is also similar to Snafflefangs. Ridgesnippers have metallic grey plating covering the dorsal half of their bodies, from a horn on their snouts to the end of a mace-like tail. Ridgesnipper colors are wide-ranging and include reds, blues, and greens.



Ridgesnippers have sharp plating on the top half of their bodies that serve as armor. The plating is also extremely sharp and is capable of slicing rock, wood, and foes whether they be human or dragon.


Ridgesnippers, particularly Sharp Ridgesnippers, are capable of forward thinking. They are known to make small slices on the undersides of enemy ships. The goal is not to sink the ship immediately, but later on after the ship has passed their territory.

Behavior and Personality

Ridgesnippers typically congregate in groups and are social. They tend to live along cliff faces in the wild, fishing at dusk, demonstrating a crepuscular nature. They also have a strong protective instinct and an affinity for the young.



Dragons: Titan Uprising

The Ridgesnipper was first introduced in this game, along with many other dragon hybrids. The only way a player can obtain a Ridgesnipper is by breeding a Razorwhip and a Snafflefang in the Breedery.


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