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Richard Hamilton is a staff writer for the Netflix series, Dragons: Race to the Edge, and the co-author of the How to Train Your Dragon graphic novels, The Serpent's Heir, Dragonvine, and The Fire Tides.


Hamilton claims that his biggest inspiration is the Marvel Comics writer, Stan Lee. He is married with children and writes comics in his spare time when not working at DreamWorks Animation.

Richard Hamilton has always enjoyed writing and enjoyed comic books. He began with some self-published comic books, then moved into temp work to build his resume. This landed him at DreamWorks several times doing clerical work and answering phones. On a third temp assignment filling in for an assistant working on "How to Train Your Dragon" and learned about the Franchise. A fourth temp assignment became permanent as the assistant to the Chief Creative Officer. After several years he interviewed with Dean DeBlois for Script Coordinator on How to Train Your Dragon 2 and got the position. From then on Richard Hamilton has worked in the Dragon Franchise in multiple media including Dreamworks Press: Dragons, website write-ups, scripts for TV shows and graphic novels.

Selected Filmography and Bibliography

  • Shrek: The Musical (2013) - Miscellaneous Crew
  • Miserable Dastards (Comic)
  • Return of the Super Pimps (Comics)
  • SCOOP (Comics)

DreamWorks Dragons Works

Year Series Episodes Role
2013 School of Dragons Dreamworks
2014 How to Train Your Dragon 2 Script Coordinator
Dreamworks Press: Dragons Flight of the Returnwing Writer
2015 Dragons: Race to the Edge
(Season 1)
"Total Nightmare" Script Writer
To Berk and Beyond! Author
2016 Burning Midnight Co-Author
Dean DeBlois
2017 The Serpent's Heir
2018 Dragonvine
2019 DreamWorks Dragons: Dawn of New Riders Writer
Dragons: Titan Uprising Narrative
How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World Franchise
TBA The Fire Tides Co-Author
Dean DeBlois




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