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Rhinobacks are Bog Dragons not encountered in the How to Train Your Dragon book series, but show up in The Incomplete Book of Dragons.

Physical Appearance

Rhinobacks have a head reminiscent of a rhinoceros due to the large horn jutting up from their noses. They appear to be quadrupedal, and have dark coloration. The Incomplete Book of Dragons also indicates that Rhinobacks can have multiple heads.

Rhinoback feces is predictably large, and shaped somewhat like an especially stinky cow-pie.


Rhinobacks are dangerous due to their large size and can destroy a human settlement. They are also able to speak Dragonese.


As a Viking, it pays to eat cheese — the smell of the stuff will deter them.


Rhinobacks like to destroy human villages both for food and entertainment. As with most dragons they are carnivorous. Rhinobacks are more aggressive than other species.

Rhinoback remained unaligned in the Dragon Rebellion.


The Incomplete Book of Dragons

Rhinobacks are described in this reference book and also appear in the 'Dragon Key' at the back of the book.

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