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You're getting pretty handy with that Returnwing, Eret. [src]
  — Hiccup  

The Returnwing is one of Hiccup's many inventions. In actuality, it is a boomerang.


Playing Fetch with Dragons

The Returnwing first appears in the first book of the app Dreamworks Press: Dragons. In this book, Toothless is seen taking the Returnwing out of Hiccup's satchel. Hiccup and the player, who are hunting an escaped baby dragon, realize that the Returnwing could help bring it out. Hiccup then has the player use the Returnwing to play with Toothless. Afterwards, Hiccup decides to give the Returnwing to the player, noting that the player was "better than Gobber and I ever were," as well as noting that the baby would like to play with it. Soon after, the baby dragon, a Changewing, is drawn out of hiding and is trained by the player.


Eret acquired the Returnwing from Hiccup after the events of the the second film and uses it to defend himself against the Nepenthe soldiers, who are ordered to capture the Dragon Riders by Calder. He later uses it to stop Nepenthe soldier from hurting the awakened Foreverwings.

Flaming Weapon

Eret uses the Returnwing as an offensive weapon against frenzied Silkspanners. Hiccup lights it on fire with Nightmare Gel, scaring off the dragons. He also uses it to cut through the Silkspanner webbing tying down Hiccup. Hiccup comments that Eret is getting adept at using the tool.

Physical Appearance

The Returnwing is a piece of wood bent in a curve shape. It is painted and stylized with swirls, waves, and spots. It is most likely made out of hard wood, as it was originally made as a new kind of weapon at the suggestion of Gobber the Belch.


Toy: Returnwing can be used as a toy to play fetch with dragons.

Weapon: Returnwing can be thrown at opponents, or even lit on fire.



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