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Although this article is based on canonical information, the actual name of this subject is pure conjecture.

You brought back a Hobgobbler! They're a bad omen. We're cursed! [src]
  — Gobber to Hiccup  

The Rescued Hobgobbler is a Hobgobbler who first appeared in How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World.


War against Grimmel

No injuries. They're all a little shaken, but otherwise healthy. Now, who's hungry? [src]
  Valka, examining the Hobgobbler  

The Rescued Hobgobbler was first seen on a ship owned by the Warlords which the Dragon Riders had raided. It was brought back to Berk to Gobber's dismay. Valka picked the Hobgobbler up and found no injuries on the dragon, and later he ended up in a cauldron of soup in the Great Hall, which Gobber referred to as unsanitary. Toothless then growled at the Hobgobbler, which prompted him to scurry out.

After Grimmel the Grisly threatened to destroy Berk unless Toothless is handed over, the Hobgobbler joined all other Berkians in the quest to find the Hidden World before settling on New Berk. Gobber noted that the Hobgobbler was a member of an ever-growing pack, and they all possessed the tendency to scare the veteran Viking from time to time.

The Hobgobbler and his pack were put into cages when Toothless and his mate were captured, but they were eventually freed by the Dragon Riders. They then came to Gobber's aid by chasing after Ragnar the Rock while devouring the deck the Warlord was standing on. Gobber then acknowledged that the Hobgobbler was not as bad as he seemed.

After all the dragons were freed, everyone returned to the New Berk. However, after concluding that dragons and humans can't live together, Hiccup decided to send all the dragons to the Hidden World. The Hobgobbler and his pack flew off to the Hidden World with all the other dragons.

Physical Appearance

Haha! Look at this weirdo! Bet it's superdumb. [src]
  Ruffnut Thorston when freeing the dragon  

Like most Hobgobblers, the Rescued Hobgobbler is shaped like a beachball and looks similar to animals such as frogs. He possesses one nasal horn, short stubby legs, small back spines, and a huge mouth. His coloration is a dark purple, with a yellow underbelly.


What harm can he do? [src]
  Valka about the dragon  

This dragon enjoys scaring Gobber and being in places he isn't supposed to be (like a soup cauldron). He is also quite lazy at times, but he will not hesitate in helping a friend in need.

Abilities and Skills

Incendiary Slobber: Like other Hobgobblers, the Rescued Hobgobbler possess saliva that can burst into flames.

Feeding Frenzy: Much like piranhas, if agitated, the Rescued Hobgobbler can eat almost anything when in a feeding frenzy.

Jaw Strength: This Hobgobbler also has incredible jaw strength.


Gobber the Belch

I guess you're not so bad after all. [src]
  — Gobber to the Hobgobbler  

This dragon enjoys frightening Gobber and tries to do so as often as possible. Gobber eventually grows fond of the Hobgobbler, especially after the latter saved him from Ragnar the Rock.


The rescued Hobgobbler greatly respects Toothless' position as the Alpha Dragon and will follow the Night Fury's every command.


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