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Dak: "Have no fear, chief."
Leyla: "The Rescue Riders are here."
Duggard the Decisive: "No sweeter words have ever been spoken."[src]
  — Duggard, being chased by wolves  

The Rescue Riders is the major and titular group that first appeared in Dragons: Rescue Riders.


Dragons: Rescue Riders

Season 1

Duggard the Decisive: "Then it's decided! The lighthouse is the new home of the Rescue Riders."
Leyla: "Rescue Riders?"
Duggard: "Well, you keep riding to my rescue, so I thought Rescue Riders!"
Dak: "I like it. Come on Rescue Riders, let's go check out that lighthouse."[src]

Though Dak, Leyla, Burple, Cutter, Summer, and Winger have been making rescuing dragons their mission for a while, they start adding humans to their rescue list when they save a shipwrecked man in "The Nest". He is the chief of Huttsgalor, named Duggard the Decisive, and he invites them to stay in his village. After some hijinks with an out-of-control machine, a lost sheep, and helping repair the village after a bad storm, Duggard gifts the group with an unused lighthouse as a home. He calls the team the 'Rescue Riders'.

As they began to make their new home in Huttsgalor the group learned how to adapt to living in a village and along the way accepted into their team a young Fire Fury named Aggro. During "Iced Out", the young fire dragon had a hard time fitting in but after an icy rescue Aggro was fully accepted into the team. Along way the rescue riders continued their work meeting new dragons along the way as well as adopting young ones including Slobber Smelters and Hideous Heatwings. But they found it difficult to take care of them all, even more so when Dak, Winger and Burple found Piercing Shriekscales and their constant screeching. 

Just as they calmed the Shriekscales by feeding them, there problem got worse as the group angered an elderly Foreverhorn named Grumblegard. To protect Huttsgalor the Rescue Riders enlist the help of the Slinkwing but after the elderly dragon was stopped, the Slinkwings tricked them and took over Grumblegard's island. But after explaining and a few apologizes they worked together to take Hazard Island back. Due to the elderly dragon having so much knowledge and more space they let Grumblegard adopt the young dragons.

Season 2

The Rescue Riders continue on with their adventures new dragons and enemies. As Magnus couldn't get them to leave he tried to replace them with his man made Mechano-Dragons he created with his nephew Axel but time and time again the Rescue Riders proved their metal as it caused trouble. In "Treasure Riders", they meet an old friend of Marena's named Waldondo, who came with them on a search for Odin's Gem but it was trick just so he could capture their dragons but thanks to Marena and Burple they were freed.

When it can time for the annual Game of Horns where anyone could challenge Duggard for the role of Chief including Magnus who continuously used his Mechano Dragon to win a series of events. Knowing this was unfair, the Rescue Riders were adopted by Duggard making them apart of his family and with their help Duggard remained as chief of Huttsgalore.

Dragons: Rescue Riders: Hunt for the Golden Dragon

The Rescue Riders meet Waldondo again but they still haven't forgiven him for their earlier encounter and bring him to Marena. And yet, upon hearing him out the riders discover that he had obtained a map to the Legendary Golden Dragon and asks for the group's help in protecting it from pirates. While searching they come across Erik and Svetlana the Sly who wants the Golden Egg, and racing to the egg's location the group comes across traps and tricky puzzles and to their amazement Cutter was able to solve them all. Revealing the island of the Golden Dragon, they were surprised that Waldondo double crossed again.

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Dragons: Rescue Riders: Secrets of the Songwing

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Dragons: Rescue Riders: Huttsgalor Holiday

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Season 3

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  • It is unknown how Cutter and Burple joined the Rescue Riders.
  • Winger has the lowest shot limit of the Rescue Riders while Summer has the highest.
  • Despite Aggro not liking being called small, she is the smallest member.
    • She is also the only member of the Rescue Riders who did not appear with the group in the first three episodes since her debut is in Episode 4.

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