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Razzie is a male Flyhopper that first appeared in Dragons: Rescue Riders: Secrets of the Songwing.


Hypnotised by Melodia

Razzie was among the many dragons that fell under the hypnosis of a Songwing named Melodia. He was forced to sing alongside her on an island close to Huttsgalor. When the Rescue Riders temporarily stopped Melodia from singing using Dragon Pepper dust, Razzie and the rest of the hypnotised dragons followed the group to Huttsgalor. Upon arriving, they started singing in unison as to help Melodia find them. After a sleepless night, the Songwing arrived on Huttsgalor and the dragons reunited with her. Razzie and the rest of the group then proceeded to sing alongside Melodia, as she hypnotised the humans as well. After several attempts made by the Rescue Riders, Razzie and everyone else that was hypnotised was freed from the Songwing's voice, when Leyla managed to sing more beautifully than Melodia.

Physical Appearance

Razzie is light green with a yellow underbelly and brown patterns on his ears and tail. He has yellow circles around both his eyes, which are also yellow. While under Melodia's control, Razzie's eyes temporarily turned bright purple.

Skills and Abilities

Shovel-like Tail: Like all Flyhoppers, Razzie has a shovel-like tail that is capable of carrying or throwing things.

Singing: Under Melodia the Songwing's, control, Razzie was able to harmonize well with his friends Oscar and Emmy.



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