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This is the page for the fort temporarily used by Grimmel. You may be looking for the region of the Isle of Berk.

Raven Point is an old abandoned Dragon Trapper fort that Grimmel the Grisly uses temporarily as a base while he's tracking the Berkians and Toothless. The building first appeared in How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World.


How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World

The fort is first seen when Valka is scouting to be sure her tribe wasn't followed. Grimmel the Grisly is flying over with his airship and calls his Deathgrippers back when they attack her.

The fort is seen next when Grimmel is extracting venom from his dragons to make more darts in one of the open spaces just as Hiccup and the other Dragon Riders raid the fort in an effort to take him out. A battle breaks out and the stone tower is knocked over when the Rescued Crimson Goregutter crashes into it to avenge its rescuers. Ruffnut Thorston is accidentally left behind when the riders leave.

Inside the ruined tower, Grimmel and the Warlords scheme their next move, while Ruffnut is kept in a dragon cage. She is eventually let go with a Scuttleclaw that was being housed in a cage next to her, which Grimmel hoped to track her to New Berk to find where the Berkians had settled as their new home.

Physical Appearance

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Raven Point served as a temporary base for Grimmel the Grisly and the Warlords' army during their search for the Berkians. Grimmel built a giant metal net inside the fort, which he used to trap the Dragon Riders when they attempted to ambush him. Grimmel later used one of the dragon cages as a prison cell for Ruffnut Thorston, whom he eventually freed.




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