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Raincutters share distaste for the sun and warm weather, since those signal that feeding time is over. [src]

The Raincutter is a large Sharp Class dragon that first appeared in How to Train Your Dragon 2.

Official Description

This long-necked Sharp Class Dragon LOVES rainy days. The wetter, the better! That's when it does its best hunting and foraging... for wiggly worms. Yuck!
The Raincutter might prefer to hunt on rainy days, but its fireballs fly true no matter what the weather.
  Dragons: Rise of Berk  


The Raincutter was created using a modular system to mix and match preset body parts onto different dragons. It was created from the same base that was used for the Hobblegrunt, Thornridge, Threadtail, Windstriker, and two other unknown dragons.

Initial concept art depicted the Raincutter as a sleeker dragon, with lots of spikes instead of fins, typical traits for a Sharp Class dragon.

Physical Appearance



Raincutter eggs are lavender with dimples all over the surface. The egg is also covered with aquamarine bubble-like knobs, concentrating on the upper portion, but not on the bottom surface.

Hatchling to Adult

The Raincutter's most notable features are the sharp sail on its back and its Speed Stinger-like angular head. It has a big rounded body similar to that of a Scauldron, along with a long tail, and a long neck. Its forelimbs are also much smaller than its hindlimbs, so it often uses its large wings to balance its body. Its nose horn is similar to that of the Deadly Nadder, but smaller. Its chin resembles a Hobblegrunt's with beard-like tendrils that resemble that of a Monstrous Nightmare. The Raincutter's lower jaw is very massive and armored. Its teeth are also very reminiscent of a Hobblegrunt's. Though Raincutters can come in many colors, their undersides are typically lighter than the rest of their body, while the tips of a their wings and frills are darker and accented.

Titan Wing

Titan Raincutter.png

Despite a few differences here and there, Titan Wing Raincutters look very similar to adult ones. The Titan Wings' body color starts to take on a more luminous, brighter hue of blue. Stripes of a darker blue-green color run down their back and over their wings. Their wings are larger and appear to be spinier and sharper, and their edges are tinted pink, together with the sail on their head and the spikes on their back. The tendrils on their chin are also longer.


Water Blasts

As shown in Rise of Berk, Raincutters are also capable of shooting balls of water from their mouths to stun enemies. The water is most likely stored in their large Scauldron-like bellies.

Hooked Chin

Raincutters use the hooks and tendrils on their chin to dig up grubs and worms to eat while hunting.


Valka's Dragons begins to defend their home.gif

The Raincutter has aerodynamic, razor-sharp fins that help it fly more efficiently. These fins can also be used for offensive purposes.

Long Neck

The Raincutter's long neck enables it to pick up any grubs or worms in the dirt and mud while scavenging for food.

Rain-resistant Fire

The Raincutter can breathe fire, and its flames are capable of staying ignited in wet conditions and damp environments, such as during a rainstorm, making it ideal for hunting in rainy weather.

Strength and Combat

Raincutters are able to carry humans on their backs and longboats that are loaded with a multitude of objects.

Behavior and Personality

Valka's rescued dragons.gif

Raincutters love wet, rainy places. It brings up the worms and grubs from the ground for them to eat. Like the Scauldron, these dragons dislike hot weather and the species are fairly similar. However, it is unknown if the Raincutter lives in the water, but Icecutter's description states that she resides in "the coldest water she can find", meaning that the species is possibly aquatic. They seem to be very comfortable with the cold.

Raincutters are known to be extremely loyal and grateful to their riders. Thump was said to be forever grateful to Valka for rescuing her and often gets slimy grub snacks as gifts.

Some Raincutters, such as Puddlemuck, are known to be extremely trusting of humans, even leaving their eggs in their care in order to hunt for them later. This can backfire, however, as Puddlemuck will give any human its eggs, even a dragon trapper.

Berkians makes a stop.gif

Raincutters can also be happy and playful dragons, loving to play games, even to the extent of using their eggs for hide-and-seek games. This behavior is again demonstrated by Puddlemuck.

Raincutters are stated to be very intelligent.


Raincutters are relatively easy to train, as they are calm and peaceful dragons. If a person saves a Raincutters's life, the dragon will be forever thankful and will often bring gifts to its savior, as it was the case with Thump and Valka.

Comparative Statistics


How to Train Your Dragon 2

Main article: Thump

The Raincutter was first seen in Valka's Mountain. Next, Valka introduced Hiccup to Thump, a disabled Raincutter whose wing was sliced off by a razor-net. All the Raincutters from Valka's Mountain fought viciously in the battle at Drago's Army. After Drago's Bewilderbeast defeated Valka's, all the Raincutters bowed to their new Alpha. After they were freed by Toothless from the Bewilderbeast's control, they fought against the giant dragon. In the aftermath, they bowed to Toothless, acknowledging him as their new Alpha.

How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World

When the people of Berk decided to move to the Hidden World, all the Raincutters of the island began the journey too, carrying different things, such as ships. They eventually arrived at New Berk, where they settled down for a while.

Many wild Raincutters were among the myriad of dragons in the Hidden World who bowed down in front of Toothless and the Unnamed Light Fury, showing respect for their Alpha.

After Grimmel the Grisly captured Toothless, all the Raincutters from Berk, along with the other dragons, came to their Alpha's help. However, Toothless ordered them to stop when Grimmel threatened to kill the Light Fury.

Fortunately, the Dragon Riders began an attack on Grimmel's ships and freed the Raincutters, along with the other dragons, which returned to New Berk.

When the battle ended, Hiccup realized that the only way the dragons can be safe from humans was for them to go to the Hidden World. After Toothless gave the command to the dragons of Berk, all of them, including the Raincutters, said their farewells to the Vikings and flew off to the Hidden World.


Dragons: Rise of Berk

Raincutters and their Titan Wing form are available in Dragons: Rise of Berk, along with individuals like Thump and Puddlemuck.

School of Dragons

Raincutters were introduced in 2014 as a trainable and rideable dragon.


  • Asterisk-Transparent.png The official measurements given by DreamWorks Animation do not appear to be realistic when considering the relative sizes the viewer sees within the Franchise. Based on the Model Sheet for the Raincutter, this dragon should have be 82 feet (25 meters) long with a wingspan of 75 feet and 6 inches (23.02 meters).
    • When keeping the dragon's length at 50 feet, it's wingspan should be 46 feet (14.038 meters).
  • In Dragons: Rise of Berk's Champions of Berk feature, the Raincutter shoots water balls instead of fire, though they still shoot normal fire in Battle Mode.


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