Look, Berk's dragons will follow their Alpha. So, we'll pay you to capture him and bring the flock to us. [src]
  — Ragnar to Grimmel  

Ragnar the Rock is a Warlord who hired Grimmel the Grisly to kill Hiccup and capture Toothless in order to continue their dragon poaching operations in order to conquer the world.


Hunt for Toothless

After Hiccup and the Dragon Riders freed another batch of captured dragons, Chaghatai Khan, Ragnar, and Griselda the Grevious decided to hire Grimmel the Grisly to hunt Toothless, the last Night Fury known in existence. They also offered him a female Light Fury to use as a bait for Toothless.

The three Warlords and Grimmel then travelled to Berk, but found the island empty. The latter discovered the route the Berkians have taken and the four hunters sailed after them.

Soon after Grimmel's tower was attacked by the Dragon Riders, Chaghatai, Ragnar, Griselda, and Grimmel planned their next move. They were continuously disrupted by Ruffnut Thorston, so they decided to release her and follow her to New Berk. There, Grimmel managed to capture both Toothless and the Light Fury and brought them back to the Warlords.

However, the Dragon Riders came to rescue their dragons, and began fighting the Warlords and the other Trappers. Later during the battle, Gobber the Belch, Valka, and Eret were brought by their dragons and were directly confronted by the Warlords. Ragnar is last seen when he fought and nearly defeated Gobber, but was forced to flee in terror when a pack of Hobgobblers came to the latter's rescue. It is unknown if Ragnar had survived the Hobgobblers' attack.

Physical Appearance


Ragnar can be seen as the most jovial and the least mature of the three Warlords. Even when he and his colleagues are discussing plans to catch more dragons, he cannot help in goofing off in front of them, much to their chagrin.

Abilities, Skills, and Talents

Dragon Hunting: It is assumed that Ragnar is an expert dragon poacher, since his rank is among the Warlords, the best dragon trappers.

Combat: Ragnar is a very capable fighter, as he is able to overpower Gobber, a veteran Viking warrior, in a matter of seconds.


Grimmel the Grisly

Grimmel! My old friend! [src]
  — Ragnar to Grimmel  

Ragnar appears to have known Grimmel for many years, even referring to him as an 'old friend'. This fondness, however, is not shared by Grimmel, as he resents Ragnar's incompetence.



  • Ragnar's name is a play of the word "Ragnarok", the twilight of the Norse deities and the world.
  • Ragnar's clothing appears to be Asiatic in inspiration, even though he has a Norse name.
  • Ragnar is the tallest of the three Warlords.


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