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Rageblasts are a species of dragon that are mentioned in the Dragon Key at the back of The Incomplete Book of Dragons, once each in How to Seize a Dragon's Jewel and How to Fight a Dragon's Fury, and on the Dragon species info page (seen at right).

The Rageblast is also referred to as a Triple-Header Rageblast.

While the Rageblast and the Deadly Shadow are definitely intended to be two separate species, the picture at right may not be accurate. There is some contention as to whether this info picture (at right) was actually intended to be for the Deadly Shadow species, as they bear close resemblance in appearance. The coloration of the dragon pictured at right is even rainbow-colored, possibly implying the ability to change color like a chameleon, as the Deadly Shadow can.

Rageblasts fought with Furious as part of the Dragon Rebellion against the Humans during the Second Dragon War.

Physical Appearance

According to the Dragon info box, the Rageblast is a multi-headed dragon. The number varies - two and three heads are more common, with four-headed Rageblasts being a rarity. The Incomplete Book of Dragons corroborates the multi-headed trait of the Rageblast. Its coloration is also depicted as being rainbow-hued. This dragon may just be very colorful, or it might imply an ability to change color.


The info box photo at right shows this dragon breathes fire.

The Incomplete Book of Dragons indicates Rageblasts have acute eyesight, produce toxic gases, can create lightening bolts or electric shocks (not clear which), and can speak Dragonese.


In Book 12, Rageblasts are shown to be vulnerable to heavy artillery blasts:

Even the mighty Rageblasts, or Savagers, or Brainpickers, when hit with those cannonballs, fell shrieking from the sky.
  How to Fight a Dragon's Fury  


How to Seize a Dragon's Jewel

We first see mention of Rageblasts when Furious responds to new that he had failed to capture Hiccup:

The dragon Furious howled and plunged through the bay, flinging great boulders around, uprooting any living vegetation he could find, tearing up the airy grasses on the islands that contained no boy, his own Tonguetwisters and Rageblasts of the rebellion whimpering like terriers and trying to stay out of the way.
  How to Seize a Dragon's Jewel  

The Incomplete Book of Dragons

Rageblasts appear in this reference book at the end in the 'Dragon Key' informational table.

How to Fight a Dragon's Fury

Hiccup notes all the fierce dragon species fighting against the humans.

Oh for Thor's sake, weren't those Snub-Nosed Hellsteethers? And Savagers ... and ... Triple-Header Rageblasts ... and the long terrifying necks of Thor's Thunderers, shooting lightening from their nostrils . . .
  — Hiccup in How to Fight a Dragon's Fury  


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