Legend says she was a mushroom — OUCH, sorry, mountain, that one day took flight, and took the orange — OW, alright! ORE, ore — of the earth along with her. [src]
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The Radiant Skyglow is a female Typhoomerang appearing in the game, Dragons: Titan Uprising.

Official Description

Vikings used to believe that Skyglow — with her pale, iridescent scales — caused the Northern Lights every year. But their connection is more coincidental. Skyglow's annual migration over Berk coincides with the Aurora Borealis, meaning that the fall and winter are great times to see two amazing sights in the night sky!
Skyglow, for all her majesty, stresses out quite easily. She's reluctant to receive all the attention that comes her way, and prefers the focus of battle — or the solitude of the mountaintops, where she watches over Berk at night. Some have befriended her, but she is always quick to escape large groups of Vikings or dragons.
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Physical Appearance

The Radiant Skyglow appears to be different than most of her own species, as she possesses a pale coloration, as well as larger, longer, and curvier gray head and nasal horns, including the black row of spines running along the back of her neck to her tail.

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  • The Radiant Skyglow's coloring as a 2-star adult looks extremely similar to Skywarden's yellow coloring as an adult.



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