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Racing for the Gold was a series of short videos played as advertisement during the 2010 winter Olympics. Each video had a narration by Gobber the Belch. All of these shorts are included on the second disc of the Deluxe Dragon Collection.


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Viking bobsledding requires three things: strength, courage, and a guy named Bob.
  — Gobber the Belch  

This video featured Hiccup and Astrid riding Bob as a sled. They run into Bob's Wife's laundry, and when on the award-stand, Bob wears breast armor and a nearby sheep wears underwear.


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Three different medals are given to vikings during their sports: for third place the horn medal, for second the granite medal, and for first the ham medal. When Snotlout is given the ham award, a Monstrous Nightmare snatches him. Ruffnut takes his place.


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Everything we have in snowboarding today originated from Hiccup one fateful day. Hiccup accidentally starting snowboarding when his house was blown up by dragons and he fell on some wood debris. He found it worked as the first snowboard, and performed tricks, thus creating the half pipe, the rail grind which made some Viking ladies swoon, and, the last of his feats was the wipeout, when a Deadly Nadder caught him and dropped him into the snow.

Speed Skating

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Stoick and Gobber compete in skating, each with a small Gronckle on their back. Using the dragons' fire, the two take off, and Stoick wins. However, they keep going, with Gobber crashing into a large pile of snow, and Stoick launched into space than freezes.

Ski Jumping

Fishlegs is launched by a catapult, through the sky, and into a glacier. He beats two other Vikings "by two feet." Even though he wins, a Terrible Terror he passed takes the medal.


  • ROB-CollectionItem.JPG
    Hiccup has both his legs during the events, so it is possible these games take place before the movie. However, dragons are seen not to be attacking dragons but are at peace, so it is possible that this leg is merely an error or the shorts are simply not canon.
  • Tuffnut is the only main character who did not appear in any of these shorts.
  • The item depicted on the right appears in the game, Dragons: Rise of Berk. It is possible that this is a skate, as seen in the "Speed Skating" short.

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