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Interesting scent. Sweet yet musty. Like a sheep on a sweaty afternoon. I will call you Purple Haggis. [src]

The Purple Haggis is a plant appearing in the series Dragons: Rescue Riders.


The Purple Haggis appears to be a type of carnivorous plant living in the temperate forests in Thornbane Valley on the island of Huttsgalor. It has long, green lanceolate leaves, crowned with a single flower spike. The flower is a lavender color with darker purple flecks. The petals form two halves that can snap close. The petal edges have an irregular white serration that mimic teeth.

Based on the 'snapping' mechanism of the specialized flower petals, it is assumed that, like the Venus Flytrap, the Purple Haggis reacts to some sort of environmental trigger to trap prey for nutrients. It is possible it reacts to the proximity of heat, as this plant is shown to snap at mammals far larger than it can handle.


This fictitious plant is part of the flora of Huttsgalor. Elbone attempts to use it for home and garden decoration, but it proves unsuitable for this purpose due to the snapping flowers.


Dragons: Rescue Riders, Season 1

The Purple Haggis appears in the episode, "Slobber Power". Elbone searches for exotic plants and digs up a purple flower he names the Purple Haggis. Unbeknownst to him, he avoids being 'bitten' by the plant on several occasions. Later, Chief Duggard wants to buy the Purple Haggis as a potted plant, only to be bitten on the rear by it.


  • Elbone appears to name this flower after the town sheep, Haggis, due to its musty smell.
  • There are Purple Haggis flowers associated with the large, thick, thorny vines running along the ground in the background. It is possible these are the same plant.


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