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      Puffin Point is a location on the Isle of Berk, first seen on the map in How to Train Your Dragon.


Puffin Point is located at the southern-most tip of the Isle of Berk with the Highest Point to its North. Black Heart Bay is located to the Northwest(on the North) and Cowrie Beach to the East.


How to Train Your Dragon (Book)

Puffin Point appears on the map at the beginning of this Book and it may not figure into the story (see Trivia section).


  • In Book 1, a "Porpoise Point" is mentioned. However, there is no "Porpoise Point" mentioned again or seen on any map. It is possible the author meant Puffin Point, as that is on the opposite end of Berk when Thuggory was speaking.
You GET that dragon to do what Hiccup wants or it will give me much pleasure to PERSONALLY boot you all the way to Porpoise Point and back again.
  — Thuggory to Snotlout  

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