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Puffins are sea birds that appear in the game, School of Dragons.


Puffins refer to species belonging to the Genus Fratercula, but the species relevant to School of Dragons and Vikings in general is the Atlantic Puffin (Fratercula arctica). They are sea birds who spend most of their time out at sea, but come ashore to breed and raise chicks. They have a characteristic black and white body with a bold orange beak. The color is most prominent during breeding season, but "plates" of the bill as well as other facial features are shed when the bird molt, usually while at sea after breeding season.


In the game, School of Dragons, puffins are kept at the player's farm to harvest feathers. The brief description of the puffin feathers in the game Store indicates they make waterproof quills (presumably pen quills). One Farm Job in School of Dragons indicates the feathers can be used as bookmarks. Another Farm Job asks for them to be used as garnish for Spitelout's chili. In actuality Puffins were hunted for their feathers, in addition to their meat and eggs. Sea and shore birds and their eggs made up a notable amount of the historical Viking's diet, which included Puffins among many other species of birds. Though Vikings of the Franchise are not seen or mentioned as eating puffins or their eggs, this would not be a far stretch, nor would it be a far stretch to imagine some dragons eating them, either.



School of Dragons

Puffins were introduced as a farmable animal at the release of the Icestorm Island Expansion. One puffin produces one feather, which the player can use to complete Farm "Jobs" offered by Trader Johann.

One Farm Job asks for puffin feathers and Arctic Gentian for Fishlegs to use as bookmarks.

Fishlegs likes to use dried flowers and feathers as bookmarks
  School of Dragons  

A flock of puffins appears on Icestorm Island in the Icestorm Island Expansion. They have left several droppings on the roof of Mildew's house, an act that he blames dragons for. The player and their dragon discover that the real perpetrators were the flock of puffins, but Mildew refuses to believe them. The player and their dragon then go to collect hot water from the Ice Caves to help Mildew wash his roof.

Even though puffins spend most of their lives at sea, they like to build nests in craggy cliffs, like the one next to Mildew's house. They return to land to lay their eggs.
They'll come back to the same nest every year, so this will definitely happen again. You see, many bird species migrate seasonally to warmer nesting grounds, just like dragons. The puffin migrates from sea to land, but other birds have longer migrations.
  — Hiccup about the puffins  

Dragons: Rise of Berk

This game does not have puffins featured, but does have a searchable location called Puffin Point.




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