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I'm a Puffertail. I pop up when I get scared to look big to attackers. [src]

The Puffertail is a medium-sized dragon that first appeared in Dragons: Rescue Riders.

Physical Appearance

Hatchling to Adult

Puffertails are four-legged dragons with a round head and short neck. They have small spine-like bumps on their back and tails. They have small wings compared to their bodies, which makes them flap continuously in order to stay in the air.



Puffertails are able to inflate their bodies at about three times their size, similar to a pufferfish. They do this by sucking air into their bodies. However, this ability leaves them vulnerable to strong wind currents.


Puffertails breathe small, concentrated streams of fire. They are able to use their fire to propel themselves through the air while their bodies are inflated.

Strength and Combat

Puffertails are very strong dragons for their size, as a young specimen was able to lift three dragons and two humans into the air, albeit helped by wind force.


Strong Wind

When inflated, Puffertails are vulnerable to wind currents, as they increase in size without adding mass, becoming less heavy compared to their body size. As such, they can be blown away into the ocean or cliff sides.

Behavior and Personality

Puffertails are curious by nature and friendly towards other dragon species. While their inflating ability is used to scare off predators, they can inadvertently do it when they get nervous, embarrassed or proud.


Dragons: Rescue Riders

Season 2

Main article: Zeppla

In "Puff Enuf", a young Puffertail named Zeppla got lost in the Maze Caves of Huttsgalor, after being chased by wolves. She was found by the Rescue Riders, who took her to The Roost. Zeppla expressed her desire to become a Rescue Rider, but after a training course, she didn't prove any useful skills to the team.

The Rescue Riders brought Zeppla along on a mission to find Elbone. She was paired with Aggro, but the two got separated. She was found by Winger and Dak and together they discovers Elbone and Aggro stuck in quicksand. Zeppla accidentally knocked Winger and Dak in it too. She then used her inflating ability to get all of her friends out of quicksand. She then thanked the Rescue Riders for the training and went home to Puffertail Island.


  • A Puffertail's ability to inflate appears to be based off a blowfish or pufferfish.

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