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Okay, I puff out when I get scared, or excited, or embarrassed, or when there's quicksand!

"Puff Enuf" is the sixth episode of the second season of Dragons: Rescue Riders. It was released on February 7, 2020.


The Riders find a Puffertail and train her to join the family. She struggles to learn but soon finds herself with a chance to make a big rescue.

Major Events


PE - You sure, Burps.jpg

One morning, the Rescue Riders decide to practice target shooting, by trying to hit moving pieces of wood. Dak throws one into the air and Cutter and Aggro hit it at the same time. Winger claims the next turn, so he hits the target while spinning, completely obliterating it. Summer then asks for two targets to be thrown at once and she waits for them to be aligned, before taking both of them with a single shot. Leyla congratulates her friend, and Burple asks for three targets to be thrown. He spits everything he has in his stomachs and hits all the targets.

PE - Bring dragons.jpg

Just then, Elbone arrives at The Roost and dodges the falling projectiles. He is however hit by two fish skeletons, for which Burple apologies. Elbone then tells the Rescue Riders that he heard strange dragon noises from inside the Maze Caves and that he saw a large dragon inside. He states that he doesn't want to enter the caves alone again, which is why he came to the Rescue Riders. Dak decides to check the situation and asks Burple to give Elbone a ride, much to the latter's surprise.

PE - Shell jewelry.jpg

The Rescue Riders travel to the far side of Huttsgalor, alongside Elbone, who screams the whole flight. Upon landing, he is too scared to realise they have stopped, so Burple rolls over in order to get the man off his back. Dak asks Elbone why he has travelled to the far side of the island, so the man tells the Rescue Riders about his newest business: making jewelry out of seashells. He presents them a necklace made of small shells, which Burple swallows. Leyla tells him the purpose of the object, so the dragon spits it out. Just then, cries come from inside the Maze Caves, and Elbone decides to leave the Riders to investigate alone.

PE - Leyla having sat down.jpg

Leyla gives everyone ropes so that they won't get lost and then they all enter the caves. After a short distance, they find a juvenile dragon. The dragon presents herself as Zeppla and explains that she got lost inside the Maze Caves while running away from some wolves. Winger tells Zeppla that they have come to rescue her, so she becomes friends with the Rescue Riders. On the way out, Aggro asks Zeppla about the large dragon Elbone has told them about, and Zeppla explains that it was her, as she can inflate when she is scared. Cutter scares the Puffertail, so she inflates, demonstrating her ability to the others.

PE - You were amazing.jpg

The Rescue Riders take Zeppla to the village of Huttsagalor and offer her a short tour of the town. Zeppla is amazed by how Dak and Leyla are able to talk to dragons, and how they all live together. Just then, Dak notices Haggis about to fall in the water and they save the sheep just in time. Cutter also catches a man about to fall off a ladder, while Summer put out a fire. Zeppla is speechless by all the rescues, while also gaining admiration for the Riders. Dak then presents The Roost to her, after which he takes her there.

PE - I'm a fast learner.jpg

Dak explains that the Roost is their main base, where the Rescue Riders live, train and plan their activities. He notices Zeppla inflating and deflating rapidly and asks her what is wrong. She excitedly asks the Rescue Riders to teach her how to rescue others, so that she can also do so on her island. The Rescue Riders accept and ask her what her strengths are. Zeppla tells them that she knows how to dance and sing, and that she is good at naming fish. Winger reassures her that they will find what else she is good at, and that all she needs to be a Rescue Rider is courage.

PE - Actually I puff up when.jpg

Zeppla gets very excited about the idea and inflates suddenly, knocking over everyone around her. Aggro is confused, as she believes that Zeppla only inflates when she is scared. Zeppla apologies and tells her that she also inflates when she gets excited. Winger realises that training Zeppla will be harder than he initially thought. The Rescue Riders then set out various training exercises, including an obstacle course. Dak boasts about dangerous missions that the Rescue Riders have gone through, such as facing Slinkwings and Thornbane Valley.

PE - Zeppla having knocked over more obstacles.jpg

Winger explains to Zeppla that her first exercise is to follow Aggro through the obstacle course, and save the Elbone Doll at the end of the trail. Zeppla excitedly follows Aggro around, but keeps bumping into targets, as she can't make tight turns. Trying her best, Zeppla closes her eyes, so she bumps into Aggro and Burple, the latter firing a rock at the Elbone Doll, making its head fall. Zeppla asks Dak how she did, and the boy tells her that although she didn't prove to be agile, she would be excellent at the knocking out targets exercise.

PE - The target right in front of Zeppla.jpg

Dak then prepares a target shooting exercise, and asks Zeppla to hit moving targets, She fails to do so, and Winger suggests regular targets. Zeppla fails yet again, almost hitting the other Riders with her fire. Embarrassed, she inflates again, knocking everyone, including the target, much to Burple's delight. Before she can deflate, a wind current gets her, but fortunately she is caught by Winger and Summer, who help her return to the ground. Aggro encourages her to fire while inflated, but when Zeppla lights her flame, she accidentally ignites the gas inside her, making her spin in the air before crashing into Cutter.

PE - Let's try something simpler.jpg

Later, Winger teaches Zeppla how to tilt her wings in the air while making turns. She tries to copy Winger, but gets embarrassed again and inflates. Leyla believes that Zeppla is getting embarrassed because everyone is watching her, so she decides to check out Elbone's shop with Summer, Cutter, and Burple. Meanwhile, Dak, Winger, and Aggro stay behind and teach Zeppla.

PE - Where is he.jpg

In the air, Burple promises to Leyla not to eat the jewellery again, despite wanting to. Upon arriving at Elbone's shop in the town, they find it empty, so they decide to check Elbone's house, too. They don't find Elbone, nor Rocky there, so Summer concludes that Elbone must be in danger somewhere on the island. They return to the Roost, where Leyla reports it to Dak, who decides to go on a mission to find Elbone. Zeppla asks if she can go, too, and Winger reluctantly agrees, and promises to watch over her.

PE - Trying to keep Zeppla from hitting Cutter.jpg

While flying over the island, Cutter suggests going higher, so that he could see better. Zeppla starts getting nervous, as she isn't used to flying at high altitudes. She inflates yet again, bumping into Burple and Aggro. She is quickly caught by Summer and Winger just before she could hit Cutter. The Rescue Riders return to the ground and decide to split into three groups. Leyla, Summer and Burple go check the eastern beaches, Dak, Winger, and Cutter fly high so that they can cover more ground, and Aggro and Zeppla go along low coasts and cliffs.

PE - You see anything, Aggro.jpg

Aggro and Zeppla start their search, and the Puffertail keeps informing her friend every minute about the places she checks. Just Zeppla goes inside a log, Aggro tells her that she doesn't need to update her constantly. Just then, she hears a scream and goes to investigate, unintentionally leaving Zeppla alone. The Puffertail notices that Aggro is no longer around and inflates in embarrassment. Cutter and Winger, who were also scanning the area, notice Zeppla and offer to help her in finding Aggro. After a short time, they find both Aggro and Elbone stuck in sand.

PE - Oops, sorry.jpg

Elbone warns them that the beach is made of quicksand, which causes Zeppla to inflate and knock Dak, Winger, and Cutter in the sand, too. Zeppla apologies and prepares to go find Leyla and the others. However, Winger warns her that there is not enough time and that she must save them herself. Zeppla tries pulling Winger up, but fails. Winger suggests her to inflate and let the wind help her lift them. Zeppla does so, but the wind proves to not be strong enough to lift all of them. Zeppla then lets out her flame, propelling all of them through the air. They then land safely and congratulate Zeppla, just as Leyla and the others find them.

PE - I'm going to keep practicing.jpg

The Rescue Riders return to the village and Dak apologies to Elbone for losing all his shells. He then reveals that he kept one as a pet, which he named Shelly. The Riders dropped Elbone at his home, and the man thanked them for saving him. Returning to the Roost, Zeppla thanks the Rescue Riders for teaching her how to rescue others, and decides to head home, promising that she will also help others. She inflates and lets the wind blow her off, saying goodbye to the Riders. After she leaves, Burple tries to inflate like her, but only manages to knock Cutter over, much to the latter's annoyance.





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