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Gobber: "Prudence! My poor darling, I'm so sorry. You should have had a long, blood-letting life."
Mildew: "She didn't have to die Gobber. Hiccup's dragon left us utterly defenseless."[src]

Prudence was a sword created by Gobber the Belch that was stored in the Berk Armory until its destruction during Mildew's attempt to frame the dragons.

Physical Appearance

Prudence had the appearance of a typical sword. It had a long, silver blade made of iron and a wooden handle. In its destroyed state, the blade was bent and severely crumpled by the heat of the explosion.


Destroyed in a Frame Attempt

At some point before the events of "In Dragons We Trust", Prudence was forged by Gobber to act as one of Berk's many weapons. However, when Mildew set up gunpowder rigged to explode in the Berk Armory as a means of framing Toothless for the damages, Prudence was destroyed in the resulting explosion along with all of the other weapons in the armory. This eventually lead to Stoick banning all dragons from Berk, which greatly pleased Mildew.


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