The Prophecy of the Potato is folklore of the Hysteric Tribe predicting an event in the future. It is featured prominently in Book 4, How to Cheat a Dragon's Curse.


The Beginning

Though most Vikings believed the world to be flat, the Hysteric Tribe did not. They believed the earth was round. Bigjob, then chief of the Hysterics, built a large ocean-going vessel named The American Dream. He set sail to the West, and instead of falling off the edge of the world, discovered a land called America. He brought back a Potato and and arrow crafted by the Feather People.

While returning, a Doomfang began following the ship, which was rather unusual. Bigjob made it to the Wrath of Thor, where the Doomfang attacked, ultimately killing Bigjob. His son, Norbert the Nutjob, froze the body and displayed his father in the Hysteric Great Hall, holding a glass box with the potato and the arrow in it. The inscription reads:

Whomsoever removes the Arrow from this Vegetable Shall Rid Us of the Doomfang and Prove Himself Right True Hero and Ruler of all the Viking Tribes.
  — Inscription from Book 4  

Prophesy Fulfilled

Later, Hiccup's friend, Fishlegs, is thought to have contracted the fatal illness, Vorpentitis. The only cure is the fabled potato. Upon hearing the Hysterics might have this mythical vegetable, Hiccup and Camicazi sneak into the Hysteric Great Hall and find it. It is frozen solid with a strange arrow sticking out of it. They steal it and try to escape. Hiccup pockets the potato during the escape. Norbert the Nutjob, now chief of the Hysterics, chase him across the Wrath of Thor and catch him. As the potato thaws, Hiccup is able to remove the arrow from the potato. Meanwhile, the Doomfang seizes the opportunity to steal the potato from Hiccup. Once he gets it, the dragon leaves the Wrath of Thor and Hysteria alone. Norbert the Nutjob is shocked, thinking he was meant to remove the arrow to fulfill the Prophesy.

My Father's Prophecy! I don't believe it. ... It can't be true! You ... you revolting little Hooligan Vegetable-Burglar ... you ... are the Chosen One? ... You will lift the Curse and rid us of the Doomfang ...?
  — Book 4  


Though Hiccup thinks little of it at the time, the Prophecy of the Potato is one of the many fateful events that set into motion him becoming Right True Hero and Ruler of all the Viking Tribes.

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