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Plain Fireworm Queens are a group of Fireworms that appear in the game Dragons: Titan Uprising.

Official Description

Fireworms are interesting Dragons. Unlike any other species, they are unique in terms of physiology and social structure. The average Fireworm is a small drone, known for their tendency to set things on fire by touch. But all these drones are servants of one singular Dragon they call their Queen.

What differentiates the Queen from her drones is access to a particular hormonal exudate known as 'Drottning' which is only secreted by a Fireworm Queen from glands under her tongue. Any female larva that is fed Drottning as she develops will grow many times the size and power of a Drone, and mature into a Queen, capable of laying eggs and producing her own Drottning. This is the only method by which new hives of Fireworms are spawned. It happens so infrequently that Fireworm hives are quite uncommon in nature. It is one theory that suggests that Drottning can also be used to reignite Stoker class Dragons when their internal fires are waning, but this theory is contested by factions who believe it is the Fireworm Queen's venom that has this property. A Plain Fireworm Queen is 80-90' long and weighs between 6 - 8,000, lbs. Her intense body heat has the power to ignite any flammable material she touches. To maintain this intensity of energy output, she eats a constant diet of Firecomb Gel, a high energy food made by the Drones with health giving properties. Her tongue contains a lashing sting infused with enough deadly venom to kill most animals with a single stroke. She is highly intelligent and territorial, but also an integral part of the life cycle of northern boreal forest, which needs periodic forest fires to rejuvenate the soil.
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Physical Appearance

Plain Fireworm Queens are golden, with hexagonal patterns of black stripes. They have a pale underbelly and pale horns, and long purple tongues. Their eyes are glowing bright red.

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