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Piglegs appeared in the Game, How to Train Your Dragon for the Nintendo DS, 360, and Wii.


Thors'day Thursday

About a year after the defeat of the Red Death, Chief Stoick sets up a tournament to showcase dragon training. As Astrid or Hiccup (depending on which character the player chooses to use) is in the Forest around Isle of Berk (Franchise) training for the tournament, Piglegs approaches and asks for help. She needs strong ore to forge some dragon armor. Astrid or Hiccup accepts, and brings back "Cobalt Ore" for Piglegs. Piglegs also makes it known that she is not involved in the inter-House rivalries that many of the other Viking teenagers are.

Mentioned by Fishlegs Ingerman

In the game, School of Dragons, Piglegs is mentioned in the Quest, "Meet the Hairy Hooligan Clans". The player is asked to visit each of the Dragon Riders and find out a little bit about their clans, or familial House.

My clan members include Froglegs, Piglegs, and Wolflegs. Piglegs is really mad at Wolflegs right now, though, since Wolflegs keeps knocking his house down
  — Fishlegs in "School of Dragons  

Note that 1) Piglegs is referred to as a male in this passage, and 2) Wolflegs knocking down Piglegs may be an allusion to the nursery story, The Three Little Pigs.


  • Piglegs looks exactly like Snortlout in the same game.
  • Please note, there may be variation in roles of minor characters in the game, depending which main character (Hiccup or Astrid) the player chooses to play as.


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