Leyla: "Adult Shriekscales make that sound to scare off predators, but as babies they make it-"
Cutter: "Pretty much all the time?"
Leyla: "When they're hungry."[src]

The Piercing Shriekscale is a small dragon that first appeared in Dragons: Rescue Riders.

Physical Appearance

Hatchling to Adult

Shriekscale hatchlings are bipedal with bright blue scales, light cream underbellies, and fleshy spikes sticking out of their head. These skin flaps are red, along with the outside edge of their wing membranes.


Sonic Scream

Piercing Shriekscales emit a high-pitch sonic scream that can cause an earsplitting headache to those within hearing range. Adult Shriekscales use their sonic scream to ward off predators, but babies just use it to let their parents know that they are hungry. Their shrieks can shatter glass and temporarily neutralize the hypnotic effects of a Songwing.



Marena knows a certain clapping dance that, when performed correctly, puts baby dragons to sleep.

Behavior and Personality

Leyla says that baby Shriekscales will only eat the bark of the Crimson Pine tree. They also like Speckled Spice Peppers, according to Grumblegard.


Dragons: Rescue Riders

Season 1

Main article: Baby Shriekscales

A pair of Piercing Shriekscale hatchlings was being chased by a pack of wolves and was saved just in time by Dak and Winger. The two took the babies to The Roost, where Leyla identified their species. They hatchlings grew hungry and cried for food, but they wouldn't eat anything except for Crimson Pine bark. Dak, Winger, Burple, and Aggro set out to find some, while Leyla and the other tried to distract the babies with other activities so they wouldn't cry. The only thing that calmed them down was a dance performed by Marena. Soon enough, Dak got back with the bark and the hatchlings stopped crying.


  • Their sonic screech is similar to either a Whispering Death's irritating scream, a Screaming Death's disorienting scream, or a Thunderdrum's deafening scream.
  • When they scream, spike-like appendages on their tails pop up. These are similar to the tail spikes of a Deadly Nadder, but if they can shoot those spines like the Nadder is unknown.

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