Phil is the pet sheep of Gobber the Belch.


Hunt for the Boneknapper

Phil was initially the only one accompanying Gobber on his quest to catch the then-mythical Boneknapper Dragon, until the Dragon Riders decide to join him.

Phil also helped Gobber set up his trap for the Boneknapper at the Dragon Graveyard. However, Phil inadvertently (or possibly on purpose) set off the trap and caged Gobber and the Riders instead. After Gobber’s reconciliation with the Boneknapper, Phil and the others then rode on the Boneknapper back to Berk.


Like most of the sheep around Berk, Phil does not appear to be very intelligent. He wears a bored face most of the time (which isn't unique for sheep). Although he is smart enough to follow Gobber's orders, he has a further sense for his own self-preservation (moving out of the way while Gobber was looking for "Dragon Bait" and trapping the Vikings in the rib cage so the Boneknapper would be more occupied with them) than anyone else.

In addition, Phil has a rather dry sense of humor, as when Ruffnut says on the way to the island, "So, if we don't hear anything, we're dead?" he breaks the silence by bleating loudly enough to make all the Vikings jump and scream.



  • As he is Gobber's pet sheep, he may be a descendant of Bork the Bold's pet sheep Willie, as Bork is Gobber's ancestor.

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