Pestbud is Valka's Snifflehunch whose name was introduced in Dragons: Rise of Berk.

Official Description

This prying Dragon likes to stick its nose where it doesn't belong! It decided that Toothless was a friend at first sniff.
  — Dragons: Rise of Berk  

Physical Appearance

Pestbud first appeared in How to Train Your Dragon 2. He is orange in color, with random green and blue stripes all over his body. He has little growths, similar to the ones of a Hideous Zippleback. His front legs are little smaller than his hind legs, and he has a orange growing on top of his nose and under his chin.

How to Train Your Dragon 2

Pestbud tried to get to know Toothless in Valka's mountain sanctuary by sticking his nose under Toothless' tail and sniffing. This annoyed Toothless, and he ran the dragon off. Pestbud was later one of the dragons who Valka walked upon when riding air drafts with Hiccup. He then was one of the many dragons enslaved by Drago's Bewilderbeast and freed by Toothless. With the rest of the dragons, he retaliated against the Bewilderbeast when Toothless challenged the alpha and then bowed to Toothless as his new alpha.


Pestbud is shown to be curious and nosy. Though he doesn't realize he can make some dragons feel uncomfortable.

Pestbud appears to be very curious and likes to sniff everything. He sniffed Toothless in How to Train Your Dragon 2, discovering his habits.

Skills and Abilities

  • Friend or foe detecting: Pestbud is very good at sniffing first and looking second, making him the best dragon for character determination.


  • He likes to sniff Vikings, dragons and everything.


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